Chapter 0838

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Chapter 0838: Daring to call yourself as Emperor

“So what it was me? This Emperor Lian Yan is Universal Development Sect’s Sect Master…..” Lian Yan gave a cold snort. Even if he was only at the early-stage Eternal Realm, he was still an Eternal expert. No matter Ning Cheng’s power, it was still in the Eternal Realm. Since both were in the Eternal Realm, why talk like this? Besides, Ning Cheng had attacked and killed Bao Xuan the moment he came, immediately forming a link of hatred with his Universal Development Sect. As the Sect Master of Universal Development Sect, how could he show any weakness in front of Ning Cheng?

Ning Cheng didn’t answer Lian Yan’s words at all; instead, his domain surged out.

When Ning Cheng appeared in front of everyone and killed Bao Xuan, Lian Yan had immediately put up a guard against Ning Cheng. He had even fully deployed his domain around himself.

Unfortunately, although both were at the early-stage Eternal Realm, the difference between Ning Cheng and Liang Yan’s strength was just too vast. The moment the two domain’s imposing manners clashed; Lian Yan’s domain cracked apart in an instant. Moreover, Lian Yan even lost his connection to the area around him.

Lian Yan initially didn’t feel too afraid of Ning Cheng as he thought that Ning Cheng would only be a bit stronger than him. However, he never expected Ning Cheng to show this level of power. Therefore, in panic, he quickly brought out a weapon.

But by the time Lian Yan’s weapon could activate, Ning Cheng’s Traceless Spear Pattern ripped through its dao charm-filled light rays.

Before Lian Yan could even react, Ning Cheng’s spear pattern had already locked on to him. The next moment, just like Bao Xuan, Ning Cheng picked him up like a helpless chicken.

“Neither Yi Jiufeng nor Qiao Jierui would dare call themselves emperors in front of me. Yet, an early-stage Eternal cultivator dares to address yourself as emperor in front of me?” Ning Cheng raised his hand while speaking and with a flick, threw Lian Yan onto the duelling platform. A few dozen array flags suddenly appeared around Lian Yan and immediately sealed his celestial essence. The next moment, Ning Cheng’s Entrapment Formation tore apart the trapped Lian Yan’s robes right in front of everyone.

Lian Yan immediately turned embarrassed and angry. As an Eternal-level powerhouse, when had he ever faced this much insult? As for his previous words of humiliating Yu Yayun, he naturally didn’t think anything wrong with it. In his eyes, Yu Yayun was just a puny Undead cultivator. Even if he stripped her naked and hanged her in full public display, it would have only counted as a warning. Yet, such a thing happened to him, an Eternal-level powerhouse.

As countless gazes stared at him, Lian Yan almost went crazy. He desperately burned his essence blood and even his life essence. However, he quickly discovered that although he couldn’t move, he could burn his essence blood, but could no longer control it. It would only lead to self-detonation.

Lian Yan’s heart immediately surged with regret and grief. From this, he understood that this person wanted to force him to blow himself up. His strength couldn’t match up to this person, and even if he didn’t blow himself up, this bastard wouldn’t let him go.

“Boom…..” In front of everyone’s gazes, Lian Yan’s body immediately exploded with a terrifying celestial essence explosion. He ultimately decided to take the path of self-destruction rather than humiliation, whether he wanted it or not. Besides, Ning Cheng’s Entrapment Formation was something he had arranged in haste. Therefore, the explosion resulting from Lian Yan’s self-detonation not only tore apart the Entrapment Formation it even blew apart the duelling platform. However, the Sword Stone Public Square remained intact, without even the slightest scratch.

An Eternal cultivator had chosen self-detonation, yet it only caused this much destruction. Everyone instantly understood that it was only because Ning Cheng had sealed a majority of Lian Yan’s celestial essence.

Ning Cheng had almost insta-killed the elder and sect master of Universal Development Sect. Seeing this, the experts from the other five sects stood up one after another, their expressions a little disturbed. They could tell that Ning Cheng’s strength far exceeded any of them, so strong that they couldn’t even dare raise any objections.

Eventually, a male cultivator with a pointed face and short hair cautiously stepped forward and bowed to Ning Cheng. “We all just experienced Dao Friend’s strength. Since this Dao Friend knows Brother Jierui, then it means we’re all acquaintances. But Dao Friend, as an expert at your level, isn’t it too much for you to indiscriminately intervene in matters between sects of Sifting Forest Star? Of course, I’m just an early-stage Eternal cultivator, and Dao Friend can kill me at will, but I had to say this.”

This person was Sect Master Qu Xusheng of Void Border Gate, and also a cultivator at the early-stage Eternal Realm. All of Void Border Gate’s important core disciples had fallen in Rainbowfall Sword Sect. He wanted to destroy Rainbowfall Sword Sect down to its roots because of it. It’s just that he never expected a terrifying expert like Ning Cheng to show up here at such a critical time.

He called Qiao Jierui as ‘brother’, but that was nothing but gilding his face with gold. Even as a cultivator in the Eternal Realm, Qiao Jierui wouldn’t even glance at him. He only spoke those words because he had once talked to Qiao Jierui at a gathering.

Everyone who heard Qu Xusheng’s last sentence would have thought of it as a sign of weakness, but no one said anything at this time. They also understood that Qu Xusheng’s words were the only thing they could say that was still within reason. That is, if you didn’t give them a reasonable explanation, then there was nothing for him to do here. But even if you had reason on your side, and even if you were Qiao Jierui, you can’t intervene in this kind of thing.

How could Ning Cheng not understand what Qu Xusheng meant? But he only glanced at Qu Xusheng before speaking up with disdain, “So, you’re familiar with Qiao Jierui?”

But before Qu Xusheng could speak up that he had only met Qiao Jierui once at a gathering, Ning Cheng followed. “The last time I went to Devil Domain, I taught him quite a satisfying lesson and cut off his arm. Would you like to help him out?”

Qu Xusheng felt his soul flying out of his body when he heard Ning Cheng’s words. He had thought that Ning Cheng was the same as him, and came into contact with Yi Jiufeng and Qiao Jierui in a gathering of powerhouses. Unexpectedly, Ning Cheng and Qiao Jierui had a grudge between them, and he even cut off Qiao Jierui’s arm. Moreover, it was even in Qiao Jierui’s home territory, the Devil Domain.

Shocked by Ning Cheng’s words, Qu Xusheng broke into cold sweats. He couldn’t even say a word, let alone move.

“Senior, this junior is Blue River Mountain’s Guang Ruotong. What Sect Master Qu means is that this is an internal matter of Sifting Forest Star’s sects. Even if Senior has heaven-defying cultivation, it wouldn’t be proper for you to intervene here.” An early-stage Life and Death female cultivator came forward and spoke with a humble posture.

Xian Chanxu sneered from the side, “Want to use reason now? Your six sects want to force my Rainbowfall Sword Sect to give up on the Rainbowfall Mystic Realm. How come no one amongst you talked about reason then? Bah!”

Xian Chanxu no longer had the demeanour of a Heaven Seated expert. After speaking, he even spat at them.

Then, he quickly came to Ning Cheng and knelt to the ground, “Many thanks, Senior for upholding justice. Otherwise, these shameless people would have taken over my Rainbowfall Sword Sect.”

Guang Ruotong’s face turned red but didn’t speak anymore. What Xian Chanxu said was a fact, they had come here to take over Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s mystic realm by force. But since Ning Cheng showed up, they had no choice but to take the side of reason.

Ning Cheng motioned Xian Chanxu to stand aside before speaking to Guan Ruotong. “I’m sure that your Blue River Mountain’s Lan Yi has gone into seclusion to try and break into the Eternal Realm, right? Go back and tell your people from Blue River Mountain that Ning Cheng will be taking over this matter.”

Ning Cheng still had a good impression of Lan Yi from Blue River Mountain. This woman not only had a good heart but had also exchanged a critical material that he needed. However, Ning Cheng also felt very upset that Blue River Mountain wanted to occupy the Rainbowfall Mystic Realm.

“Ah….” Guan Ruotong immediately went into shock when she heard Ning Cheng’s words. She quickly bowed and said, “Junior greets Senior Ning. Our Blue River Mountain has been in the wrong in this matter, and am willing to bear any punishment for it.”

While talking, Guang Ruotong had already sent out a message. She knew Lan Yi quite well, which meant that she also learned about what kind of existence Ning Cheng was. Therefore, the moment she heard Ning Cheng’s name, she immediately sent Lan Yi a message.

Ning Cheng ignored Guang Ruotong but spoke up loudly. “I’m Ning Cheng, from Graceful Star Mainland’s Rainbowfall Sword Sect, and also the Sect Master of Graceful Star Mainland’s Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Do you think that I’m now qualified to take care of this matter? I already am aware that Universal Development Sect, Constellation Sect, Scarlet Cloud Faction, Green Feather Spirit Religion, Void Border Gate and Blue River Mountain covet the core of my Rainbowfall Sword Sect, the Rainbowfall Mystic Realm. I also know that this so-called competition is just an excuse to come to my Rainbowfall Sword Sect to kill my Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s core disciples.”

When the cultivators here heard Ning Cheng’s words, they almost couldn’t comprehend what they just heard. The Rainbowfall Sword Sect had such a powerhouse? If he truly belonged to Rainbowfall Sword Sect, then it was the perfect justification for him to intervene in this matter.

The elders from the other sects started to panic. No one even questioned if Ning Cheng spoke the truth or not. People at the level of Ning Cheng, why would they come to such a place and claim to be a part of it? What should they do now? With Rainbowfall Sword Sect having such an expert, it would truly be a stupid move to covet Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s mystic realm.

Xian Chanxu and Yu Bo, on the contrary, felt ecstatic. They never expected that this expert truly was someone from the Rainbowfall Sword Sect, or that he came from Graceful Star Mainland. With such an expert, not to mention Sifting Forest Star, even within the entire starry sky, no one would dare have any ideas over the Rainbowfall Sword Sect.

After hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Qu Xusheng’s face turned white. He already felt worried that Ning Cheng would pick him and throw him into an array formation at any moment and force him to blow up. If it was before, they still could use some flimsy excuse to force Ning Cheng to back away, but now, reason has already left their side. Even if Ning Cheng killed all of them, he wouldn’t have to worry about pushing people down.

At this moment, a cyan-coloured shadow quickly descended from the sky.

Immediately, a young female cultivator walked up to Ning Cheng and bowed before speaking with a highly respectful and reverence-filled tone. “Junior Lan Yi greets Senior Ning and also thanks Senior for the help.”

Lan Yi addressed Ning Cheng as ‘Brother Ning’ before, but now she dared not call him that. Moreover, Ning Cheng was an expert no weaker than Kong He. Since her Blue River Mountain caused such trouble for Rainbowfall Sword Sect, it immediately frightened Lan Yi.

When it came to Ning Cheng, she knew him better than anyone else present here. She had even witnessed Ning Cheng extinguishing old man Kong He’s prestige. Ning Cheng had even killed Fu Si, who was so powerful that she couldn’t even imagine it. What’s more, Ning Cheng had even shown her great kindness. But even without that kindness, Blue River Mountain can’t afford to offend such a powerhouse.

“Sure enough, you already stepped into the Eternal Realm.” Ning Cheng nodded. He guessed that Lan Yi, most likely, didn’t know about this matter. With Lan Yi’s eagerness from back then, she would have immediately secluded herself to break into the Eternal Realm and then stabilise her cultivation.

Lan Yi spoke with trepidation, “Senior has shown the utmost kindness to Lan Yi. My Blue River Mountain wrongly coveted Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s mystic realm and deserves punishment. This junior will stand trial for Blue River Mountain’s actions, and will accept any punishment without a sound.”

Lan Yi, as the newly advanced Eternal expert of Blue River Mountain, had already held an Eternal Advancement Ceremony before, which they all had attended. Now that the elders from other sects saw how Lan Yi spoke to Ning Cheng as a revered senior, it immediately threw them into even more panic.

Qu Xusheng was the first to react and immediately slapped a Heaven Seated elder next to him in the face, “Fool, you listened to Universal Development Sect’s bewitchment. How could you dare to offend your friends without figuring out the truth……?”

After putting up a performance, he bowed to Ning Cheng and waited for him to speak, as if accepting a punishment.

With Qu Xusheng taking the lead, the other sects also picked up on it and put up one performance after another. They all wanted to take the opportunity to put themselves on lower pedestals.

Ning Cheng only sneered at the clowns in front of him. If it were him, he would have already erased them with a single pass from a Time Wheel. But Ning Cheng also understood that Sect Master Xian Chanxu of Rainbowfall Sword Sect must resolve this matter himself. After all, he wouldn’t stay here forever, and Xian Chanxu was still the sect master in this place.

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