Chapter 0837

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Chapter 0837: What did you just say?

“Round Eleven. Universal Development Sect’s Liang Qiuqi falls, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins.” This time, the battle was a fierce one and took a long time. Therefore, the cultivator hosting the match announced the result the moment Liang Qiuqi died.

Liang Qiuqi was quite strong, but he wasn’t the strongest under Heaven Seated Realm. Even then, after Liang Qiuqi and Yu Yayun fought, though Yu Yayun defeated Liang Qiuqi, she wasn’t much better herself. With her aura in disorder, she once again spat out a mouthful of blood.

Seeing this, the cultivators who weren’t any weaker than Liang Qiuqi felt eager to fight against her. The battle between Yu Yayun and Liang Qiuqi showed that Yu Yayun couldn’t handle continuous fighting, which also meant that she would most likely lose in the next round. If they went up and killed Yu Yayun in one fell swoop, it would immediately make them famous throughout the Sifting Forest Star.

In just a dozen breaths of time, someone finally flew onto the duelling platform. Moreover, there were still quite a few people in the audience eager to try.

From the last fight over the duelling platform, everyone could see that Yu Yayun had truly run out of steam. But just like the previous battle, the fight lasted for a long time and was quite intense. Yu Yayun barely defeated her opponent at the last possible moment.

“Round twelve. Green Feather Spirit Religion’s Kang Ke fell, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins.”


“Round thirteen. Green Feather Spirit Religion’s Gan Zhuyu fell, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins.”


“Round fourteen. Scarlet Cloud Faction’s Yin Ziqian fell, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins.”


“Round nineteen. Constellation Sect’s Kang Shana fell, Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Yu Yayun wins.”

After the cultivator hosting the matches announced the result of the nineteenth round, no one came onto the stage. Everyone suddenly sobered up to a dark reality. Yu Yayun had won eleven matches in a row, and all her opponents in the last eleven rounds had died on the duelling platform.

However, unlike her first match, every subsequent round looked tough on her. It felt as if Yu Yayun would fall at any moment. But Yu Yayun managed to persist until the end and even kill her opponent.

Seeing this all the cultivators shuddered, and no one wanted to come up to the stage and seek death. Most people even thought that Yu Yayun was only pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger. Deliberately showing a weak side to her opponent and then killing them swiftly. Despite looking like someone at the verge of death, she still managed to put up a good fight and even killed all her opponents. How was this a weak opponent?

Bao Xuan of Universal Development Sect slapped the table in front of him and suddenly stood up in anger. “Xian Chanxu, does your Rainbowfall Sword Sect know no shame? You even loaned the sect’s Starry Sky Grade 7 Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King to a disciple. Letting that disciple kill the other sect’s core disciples on the duelling platform. Did you think that six of us are blind?”

Xian Chanxu knew that Bao Xuan was looking for excuses. Therefore, he could only hold back his anger and say to Yu Yayun on the duelling platform, “Yayun, come down. The next match is not my Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s fight. It’s time for other sects to take the stage.”

Yu Yayun had killed eleven core disciples in a row, and the murderous aura in her heart had almost worn out. Since her sect master asked her to come down, she naturally wouldn’t stay put on the stage.

But at this time, even if she wanted to come down, it wouldn’t be possible. Yu Yayun had killed eleven core disciples from other sects in a row. Moreover, they were all the most outstanding talents within their sects. If they let Yu Yayun go down like this, how could the six sects swallow it down?

If Rainbowfall Sword Sect truly had such strength, then they would have begrudgingly accepted it. But Rainbowfall Sword Sect wasn’t even a weak sect in their eyes. Yet, its disciple dared to kill the core disciples of other sects on the duelling platform.

“Go down? Did you start daydreaming? Today, if your Rainbowfall Sword Sect doesn’t give a proper explanation about your cheating, my Universal Development Sect would never stop here.” Bao Xuan said sharply.

The elders from other sects immediately echoed Bao Xuan’s words. Some even vocally supported Bao Xuan. Even those Eternal cultivators didn’t step in to hold them back. From this, everyone understood that they wanted to press Rainbowfall Sword Sect to admit to cheating and then punish Yu Yayun.

Rainbowfall Sword Sect was a sword cultivators’ sect. As a sword cultivators’ sect, the disciples naturally developed themselves like a sword and cultivated sword aura. Therefore, when Xian Chanxu suffered so much bullying for such a long time, he no longer could take it anymore and burst out.

Xian Chanxu also slapped the table and stood up, “Bao Xuan, you keep saying that my Rainbowfall Sword Sect cheated. When your other sect killed my Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciples, why didn’t I hear you raising any objections? My Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s Disciple Yu Yayun has a companion beast, so what’s wrong with it? Are cultivators not allowed to own a companion beast?”

Bao Xuan gave a cold snort, “If we all lend our sect’s companion beasts to our disciples, then what’s the use of battles between disciples?”

Xian Chanxu struggled to keep his anger in check before giving a cold reply, “Yu Yayun is my Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s proud disciple. I swear in the name of all the sect masters of my Rainbowfall Sword Sect that I have not given any companion beast to Yu Yayun. If I had lent my sect’s companion beasts to my disciples, I, Xian Chanxu, would never have said even half a bit of nonsense. Disciples on the duelling platform compete with their lives on the line. If your disciples can’t win then don’t try to find excuses. Your sects might do such things, but my Rainbowfall Sword Sect would never indulge in such practices.”

Bao Xuan turned silent for a while. If they had a Starry Sky Grade 7 demonic beast in their sect, they would have taken it out a long time ago. But none of the factions here had one. Moreover, was it easy to cultivate a Starry Sky Grade 7 demonic beast? Not to mention top-grade plant-type demonic creatures, it would be difficult to raise even an ordinary companion beast to such a level.

“Good…..” An old voice came and then an old man in grey robes landed in the main stage.

Xian Chanxu saw the old man and quickly bowed and paid his respects, “Disciple Xian Chanxu greets Elder Taoist Yu.”

This old man was the strongest Elder Taoist, Elder Yu Bo, in Rainbowfall Sword Sect. Only when Rainbowfall Sword Sect reached a dire situation with no way out, would he come out. Unfortunately, even if he came out, it would be of no help. A Life and Death cultivator, even at full-circle Life and Death Realm, couldn’t face off against several Eternal experts alone.

“Hehe, Yu Bo, even after secluding yourself for so many years, you didn’t make any progress at all. Your Rainbowfall Sword Sect’s disciple cheated with a Starry Sky Grade 7 companion beast, and you said yes[1]. Did you think you can deceive my Universal Development Sect?”

If one didn’t have comparable cultivation, then even having a spine would prove useless. This brocade-robed man was the Sect Master of Universal Development Sect, Lian Yan, with an early-stage Eterna cultivation. It was him who came looking for the array pattern, and he was also Liang Qiuqi’s master.

After suppressing Yu Bo with his imposing manner, Lian Yan said to Bao Xuan standing at his side. “Go and catch that cheating disciple and confiscate her things. Strip her naked and hang her at the edge of that platform as a warning to others.”

After Lian Yan said those words, the other Eternal cultivators regretted not thinking of it earlier. It was a Starry Sky Grade 7 Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King, one you obtained it, wouldn’t it mean improving your strength to a whole new level?

Xian Chanxu and Yu Bo’s complexions changed drastically. Once these bastards stripped Yu Yayun naked and hung her up, it would also mean stripping Rainbowfall Sword Sect naked. It would no longer have any standing in Sifting Forest Star. The two wanted to stop it immediately. However, the cultivation of the two, despite being good, couldn’t match any of the Eternal cultivators in this place.

Bao Xuan was already itching for action. He had wanted to do it a long time ago, but his Sect Master hadn’t said anything. Now that the Sect Master has announced it, he immediately stepped into the air before raising his hands to grab Yu Yayun on the duelling platform. He even spoke with anger, “The duelling platform is a fair and just place for duelling between people. You used the sect’s guardian companion beast to cheat. Since you like breaking the laws so much, I have to uphold justice for everyone else.”

As the powerful imposing manner came crashing down. Yu Yayun, as an Undead cultivator, couldn’t even breathe. Moreover, under the suppression of such a powerful imposing manner, even Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan King couldn’t break free.

Yu Yayun subconsciously wanted to look at Ning Cheng; however, she couldn’t even turn her neck, let alone stretch out her spiritual consciousness.

Just when Bao Xuan’s hand was about to grab Yu Yayun, his body suddenly stiffened. A terrifying suppression descended over him, and even his domain tore apart like a rotting rag. At this moment, he couldn’t even bring out his spiritual consciousness or circulate his celestial essence. The only thing that could move was his consciousness, which kept screaming ‘death’ within his mind. Bao Xuan’s eyes filled with panic. He wanted to yell, but couldn’t either.

Yu Yayun’s body loosened, and she saw a huge celestial essence handprint slowly stretch out. This handprint wrapped itself around Bao Xuan’s neck and lifted him.

It was the Senior Apprentice Brother who gave her the Underworld Crow Ghost Rattan. Yu Yayun realised it instantly, as intense surprise filled up her eyes. She knew that Bao Xuan was a very famous elder of Universal Development Sect and that he was a middle-stage Life and Death powerhouse. Yet, a formless celestial essence handprint had grabbed such a powerhouse by his neck. Just how powerful was this Senior Apprentice Brother from Graceful Star Mainland? Thinking back to how she tried to advise this Senior Apprentice Brother to escape, would he even want to leave with such strength?

Sure enough, the disciples from Graceful Star Mainland were all mighty. Even Junior Apprentice Brother Rui Baishan, who Sect Master had brought back a few years ago, was also very strong. Now this Senior Apprentice Brother was even more powerful. No wonder their ancestor could establish the Rainbowfall Sword Sect in the starry sky, as that ancestor also came from the Graceful Star Mainland.

As the huge celestial essence handprint grabbed Bao Xuan by his neck and lifted him, Bao Xuan couldn’t even put up a resistance. In the air, he was like a frog gasping for air while his hands and legs flailed weakly in the air.

The horrific sight immediately shocked everyone on the public square and the main stage. All the elders and sect masters seated on the main stage stood up one after another. At this moment, the domain suppression that chained Xian Chanxu and Yu Bo also opened up.

Ning Cheng casually stepped through the air and onto the duelling platform before looking at Bao Xuan who slowly floated towards him. Looking at him, he spoke with an ice-cold voice, “Did you just speak something about being fair and just? You’re a cultivator in the Life and Death Realm, yet want to deal with a cultivator in the Undead Realm. Do you call this fairness? Do you still have any face, or are you someone truly shameless? Who stipulated that disciples can’t use their companion beasts, talismans, or other methods at their disposal on the duelling platform? Don’t come here if you don’t have the guts to handle embarrassment, you disgusting piece of thrash…..”

As soon as the celestial essence handprint increased its pressure, Bao Xuan suspended in the air exploded into a mist of blood and disappeared without a trace. Only a ring remained of Bao Xuan, which slowly floated towards Yu Yayun. Yu Yayun then heard Nong Cheng’s words, “This ring should ease your shock a bit.”

Yu Yayun bowed in surprise and said, “Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Brother.” She stretched out her hand and put the ring away.

A ring of a Life and Death powerhouse, just how many good things would it contain? Seeing Yu Yayun put away the ring of a Life and Death cultivator, the people on the sword stone felt envy and jealousy growing within them.

“This Dao Friend, this is an internal matter of our seven sects. You intervened in our seven sect’s internal matter. Even killed my Universal Development Sect’s Life and Death elder, isn’t it a bit too unreasonable?” The Universal Development Sect’s Sect Master had an ugly look over his face. Standing up, he could feel that Ning Cheng was also an Eternal powerhouse, but a far stronger one than him.

Ning Cheng stared at the Universal Development Sect’s Sect Master in front of him with a cold gaze before asking directly. “Just now, didn’t you say something about stripping Yu Yayun naked and hang her up?”

[1] The character ‘’ can mean ‘yes/good/well/okay’ depending on the context. I wasn’t sure what they were speaking about and choose the most literal translation of the word.

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