Chapter 0861

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Chapter 0861: One should return the grace of dripping water

A sense of weakness washed over him, and the First Bridge of Coping in front of Ning Cheng’s eyes gradually turned illusory before finally disappearing.

Ning Cheng didn’t feel disappointed but felt rather surprised as he looked at the Seven Bridges Realm Book in his Purple Palace. Although he had gained full control over the First Bridge of Coping, he couldn’t display its full power. It’s because his strength couldn’t support the consumption required to activate it.

Moreover, the power of the First Bridge of Coping had gone beyond his wildest expectations. Compared to the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow, Ning Cheng preferred the First Bridge of Coping. The Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow might have more killing power, but it had too many restrictions on its use. His grey hair had still not recovered from the damage to his vitality from the last time he used the Five-coloured Star Splitter Arrow.

In the future, as his strength increased, the First Bridge of Coping would also grow stronger proportionately if not exponentially. Moreover, he had five of the seven spirit techniques within the Seven Bridges Realm Book. Meaning, no matter what happened, he could at least try to comprehend five of the seven bridges in the future.

Time to look at my Law Soil. After gaining an understanding of the First Bridge of Coping, Ning Cheng’s mood had drastically improved, and he quickly came to the place where he placed the clumps of soil from the outside.

Ning Cheng hadn’t picked up the clumps of soil yet, but he understood that he had succeeded. The chunks of earth had already started to carry a bit of the law aura, clearly indicating they were developing in the desired direction.

As long as the chunks of soil were not more than two fists in size, they had already turned into Law Soil. As for the larger pieces, they were still in the process of transformation.

Ning Cheng quickly took out the clumps of soil that had transformed into Law Soil, put them into a jade box and put many restrictions on it. The world within the Mysterious Yellow Bead wasn’t the same as the outside world. If he didn’t put away these chunks of Law Soil quickly, they would assimilate into the Laws of Earth and become the foundation of the world within the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Once it happened, the Law Soil would lose all its effect.

The Law Soil in the Broken Land might not transform into an earth vein network or a foundation even after countless years. But that was because the laws here were broken and incomplete. Therefore, the longer the time a clump of soil remained within it, the larger would it grow as a chunk of Law Soil.

After comprehending the First Bridge of Coping and acquiring the Law Soil, Ning Cheng naturally wanted to head to the Quest Hall and hand it in to earn points.

But as soon as Ning Cheng rushed out of the ground, he saw two cultivators in a fierce fight. He even saw a few cultivators spectating from the side. From this, Ning Cheng understood what might have triggered it even without asking. It most likely was a fight relating to Law Soil. This area anyways wasn’t a safe place to search for Law Soil. Once two people set their sights on one clump at the same time, a battle wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

In any case, Ning Cheng wasn’t the type of person to stand around and watch such things. He even didn’t bother paying attention to who was fighting and wanted to leave this place as fast as possible.

“This Senior Apprentice Brother, please help……” A voice transmission fell in Ning Cheng’s ear, and he instantly realised that this voice belonged to a female cultivator.

“Huh, it’s you?” Ning Cheng looked back and saw the female cultivator who sent him the voice transmission. He had immediately recognised the female cultivator. Six months ago, he had learned about the Broken Land from a cultivator couple. The male cultivator had given him the introduction to the Broken Ground and helped him realise Law Soil’s value. This female cultivator was the one who stood next to that male cultivator at that time.

But this female cultivator’s aura felt chaotic right now, indicating a severe injury.

Ning Cheng quickly understood why this female cultivator had tried to stop him and ask for help. One of the two cultivators fighting was this woman’s partner, the male cultivator who gave him the jade strip.

Since this female cultivator asked for his help, then it should be for the male cultivator that came with her. At this time, that male cultivator was not only at a disadvantage, but the opponent’s spirit technique had even suppressed him by a large margin. Even his domain looked broken, and he also had a body covered in blood. It indicated that his injuries were no smaller than this female cultivator.

“This Senior Apprentice Brother, my husband and I found a piece of Law Soil here. He came a little later than us but demanded that we divide the Law Soil with them. But it was all a lie. Senior Apprentice Brother, if you’re willing to help, my husband and I can…..”

Ning Cheng stopped the female cultivator before she finished speaking, “Wait, that piece of Law Soil is still yours.”

After Ning Cheng said that, he had already walked up. He understood that this couple had most likely offended someone who wasn’t ordinary. If it were someone ordinary, as long as the couple willingly took out the Law Soil, someone would have come to help them.

“The two of you, please stop and just talk it out.” Ning Cheng didn’t directly walk into the middle. Instead, he released his domain and immediately suppressed the two locked in combat.

However, he also sighed internally. This kind of thing, he felt pretty sure that it happened regularly in the Broken Land. It was just like the situation between him and Peng Shan before, except that he and Peng Shan settled it peacefully.

As long as one wasn’t a fool, one usually wouldn’t interfere in such matters under normal circumstances.

But for Ning Cheng, he had decided to help the couple. After all, this couple had also helped him before. Although the couple’s ‘help’ wasn’t worth mentioning, he couldn’t pretend to overlook their pleas just because they hadn’t ‘helped’ him enough.

The imposing manner of Ning Cheng’s domain had already reached terrifying levels. Therefore, even without fully stretching out his domain, it still managed to break through the two late-stage Eternal cultivators’ domains and interfere in their battle.

The spectating cultivators on the side also noticed someone trying to poke their nose into this affair and started to talk amongst themselves quietly. This couple were rogue cultivators who hadn’t joined any alliances. But the person fighting the couple for the Law Soil was a member of Beyond Heaven Path. Beyond Heaven Path wasn’t as powerful as the Rogue Cultivator Alliance, or the Dao Confirming and Divine Thunder alliances. But it was still a relatively famous alliance within the Grand Essence Ruins.

Faced with such a situation, not to mention if you didn’t know the couple, you wouldn’t come forward to help even if you were friends with the couple.

That’s why everyone felt it strange seeing Ning Cheng come forward to persuade the two people locked in combat. Some even started speculating which alliance Ning Cheng came from, as only cultivators from the big leagues would dare interfere in the Law Soil matters.

As soon as Ning Cheng’s domain washed over the two, the male cultivator, who was on the losing end, immediately seized the opportunity to retreat and reached Ning Cheng’s side. Simultaneously, he weakly cupped his fists and said, “Many thanks for the help. This Jing Weiran can’t thank you enough.”

Jing Weiran’s aura felt not only weak but also very unstable. Most likely, he suffered some very severe injuries. After thanking Ning Cheng, he rushed to the side of the female cultivator. He embraced her before asking with anxiousness, “Yu Ling, are you okay?”

“Who are you? Why are you interfering in other people’s private affairs?” The cultivator fighting against Jing Weiran was a person with a square face and thick lips. Although also a late-stage Eternal cultivator, his aura felt much deeper compared to Jing Weiran.

Without waiting for Ning Cheng to speak, the female cultivator named Yu Ling spoke up loudly, “Jing Wuya, do you still have any face? Just because you’re a member of the Beyond Heaven Path, you want to snatch things from others? We were the ones who got that patch of Law Soil first. Yet you have the gall to grab it and say it’s your business?”

The man named Jing Wuya didn’t care about Yu Ling’s yelling at all. He still stared at Ning Cheng with a cold gaze and said, “If you don’t state your reason then I’ll treat it the same way as provoking my Beyond Heaven Path. But if it’s just a misunderstanding and if this friend leaves right now, this Jing Wuya wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.”

Had it not been for the imposing manner of Ning Cheng’s domain, he would have already picked a fight with Ning Cheng immediately.

Ning Cheng sneered in his heart. Not make a big deal out of it? The murderous aura from this male cultivator called Jing Wuya had already almost condensed into something tangible. He even used the name of Beyond Heaven Path to threaten him, which indicated that he had no intention of letting go of this matter. Therefore, even if he retreated right now, these people would sooner or later come to settle the case with him. Once Jing Wuya chased down and killed this couple, this person most likely would go after him.

Ning Cheng still spoke with a calm tone, “Jing Weiran and his wife are my friends. For my sake, let this matter go. If dao friend still feels there is a loss, then…..”

Initially, Ning Cheng just wanted to propose the thought of Jing Weiran and his wife paying out some compensation, after all, Jing Weiran wasn’t their opponent. The only reason why he said that was not because he felt afraid of Jing Wuya, but out of consideration of Jing Weiran. After all, them giving some compensation to Jing Wuya would mean getting to live longer. Otherwise, as long as Jing Weiran’s duo tried to seek a living here, they would have to face the constant threat of Beyond Heaven Path.

He didn’t care about this Beyond Heaven Path. But he also didn’t want to forge an enmity with Beyond Heaven Path over such a trivial matter. 

But just before Ning Cheng could put up his offer, Jing Wuya sneered, “Give you face? Is your face even worth a fart? Brother Yu Lian, let’s join hands to kill this idiot who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

As Jing Wuya’s words ended, an electric light-like figure fell behind Ning Cheng. At the same time, Jing Wuya appeared in front of him. This new person was also a late-stage Eternal cultivator with an aura not any weaker than Jing Wuya.

After the cultivator called Yu Lian came, he didn’t even say a word of nonsense. He brought out his weapon and unleashed his domain over Ning Cheng. The domain had nothing but killing intent directed towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng’s face turned gloomy; he understood that he couldn’t get out of this matter without a fight. He was a person who didn’t like nonsensical acts, and now the other party even wanted to kill him. From this, he understood that none of the two would bother to take a step back.

Taking out a top-rank dao artefact long spear, the imposing manner of Ning Cheng’s domain skyrocketed again. This time, it no longer had the same persuasive intent within it.

Ning Cheng lived by one principle. If the other party didn’t make a move, he also wouldn’t do anything. But if they ever dared to start, he would never show any mercy.

The surrounding cultivators also saw Ning Cheng bring out a top-rank dao artefact long spear and immediately shook their head in disappointment. Some of them couldn’t even bear watching the outcome any longer and turned away their gazes.

In the Grand Essence Ruins, no matter how weak a late-stage Eternal cultivator was, they would at least have a low-rank spirit artefact. At the very least, they would have a pseudo-spirit artefact. But Ning Cheng used a dao artefact long spear, something they had never expected to see in such a place.

Jing Weiran also saw that Ning Cheng had brought out only a dao artefact long spear and immediately took out his weapon before rushing up to help. But Ning Cheng spoke up, “Brother Jing, you don’t need to come up, just stay there and heal your injuries. By the way, I’ll need your help in holding down the line; I have a few questions that I want to ask you later.”

Jing Weiran froze for a moment, but he still obeyed Ning Cheng’s words and didn’t go up. He anyway was at the end of the rope himself, and if not for Ning Cheng stepping in to help, he would have already fallen.

The spectators naturally couldn’t see the suppressive effect of Ning Cheng’s domain. But Jing Wuya and the newly arrived cultivator could feel the potent suppression from Ning Cheng’s domain the moment their domains intertwined.

Jing Wuya’s face changed, how could he not understand that Ning Cheng hadn’t even fully unleashed his domain before this? But without waiting for him to speak up, Ning Cheng had already started.

The top-ranked dao artefact long spear turned into endless spear patterns with flickering shadows before sweeping out. From the outside, it looked like the two cultivators had trapped Ning Cheng in between them. But after Ning Cheng acted, the domains surrounding him made a crackling-noise. Then, without waiting for the people around to see whose domain cracked, the traces of spear patterns immediately filled the entire sky above them. These spear patterns directly ignored the space between them and the target. Instead, they immediately covered the two people fighting Ning Cheng.

Domains started to shatter inch-by-inch, the surrounding space disappeared, and the sky filled up with spear patterns. Jing Wuya’s heart instantly fell to the bottom on seeing all of this. He hadn’t even activated his spirit technique, but he understood that he couldn’t escape even if he could use it.

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