Chapter 0862

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Chapter 0862: Law Soil Tasks

“Stop….” Jing Wuya finally screamed. If he couldn’t even cast his spirit technique, it meant that he and Ning Cheng weren’t on the same level at all. If the opponent was not on the same level, then continuing to fight would just be suicidal.

Not only did Jing Wuya scream, even Yi Lian, who rushed towards Ning Cheng without saying a word, also regretted his choice. If he knew that this person had such power that he couldn’t even move under his suppression, he would not have acted in such a manner on arrival.

“It’s just a misunderstanding…..” For the sake of preserving his life, how could Yu Lian continue acting in such a manner?

Misunderstanding? Ning Cheng sneered. If his cultivation were lower than them, this ‘misunderstanding’ would have already killed him.

Not to mention stopping, Ning Cheng didn’t even think of stopping. Instead, his celestial essence surged up violently. He would never give these two fellows even a chance to breathe. If he did so, and these two guys escaped, they would undoubtedly come back with reinforcements and continue to annoy him.

Besides, the Traceless Spirit Technique had no trace, and since he already cast it, he couldn’t take it back. He didn’t want his Traceless Spear Patter to leave behind a trail.

“Puff…..” Trapped within the spear patterns from Ning Cheng’s top-ranked dao artefact long spear, it quickly tore apart Jing Wuya and Yu Lian.

As the sounds of celestial essence explosions disappeared, Ning Cheng raised his hand and put away two rings.

The spectating cultivators felt stunned. They couldn’t react at all, and the fight had already ended. Who was this cultivator with greyish white hair? How was he so terrifying? Was he still an Eternal cultivator? This level of strength went beyond the Eternal Realm, probably even first-step Dao Confirming cultivators couldn’t display such a level of power.

“If you have nothing else to do, then please go ahead and get on with your lives. Just now, these two people from Beyond Heaven Path took the initiative to act on me. I’m sure everyone has already seen it. Although I’m a reasonable person, I don’t like taking care of troublesome matters. So I hope that today’s matter, everyone will just forget about it.”

“If one day, I find out that someone from here spoke to Beyond Heaven Path about today’s matter, I will hunt you down to the ends of the world.”

Ning Cheng knew that his threat would be of no use, but at least it would delay the information about him killing two members from Beyond Heaven Path. That way, it would take some time before Beyond Heaven Path could take action.

Ning Cheng’s display of strength had truly terrified the people here. Therefore, no one would willingly stay here unless they had turned stupid. As such, the moment Ning Cheng’s words ended, everyone immediately dispersed. In just a short while, the place only had Ning Cheng and Jing Weiran’s duo.

Jing Weiran seemed to have gone into shock on witnessing Ning Cheng’s power. It wasn’t until Ning Cheng walked over to them that he finally reacted. He quickly bowed and thanked him and at the same time, took out a jade box and handed it to Ning Cheng. “Many thanks, senior, for helping us. This box contains the chunk of Law Soil we obtained.”

Ning Cheng waved his hand, “This Law Soil doesn’t have use for me. You and your wife should leave this place as quickly as possible. I killed cultivators from Beyond Heaven Path on your behalf, so they surely wouldn’t let go of the three of us.”

Jing Weiran and Yu Ling felt even more ashamed and apologised to Ning Cheng once again. If not for them, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have offended Beyond Heaven Path.

Besides, even without Ning Cheng’s reminder, they knew that they could no longer stay in this place. They were nothing more than trivial rogue cultivators. Since they offended Beyond Heaven Path, how could they remain at peace in Grand Essence Ruins?

“It was this couple that caused trouble for the senior.” Jing Weiran no longer regarded Ning Cheng as a cultivator on the same level as him. Two late-stage Eternal cultivators much more powerful than he had besieged Ning Cheng, yet Ning Cheng had instantly killed them. From this, he understood that Ning Cheng’s cultivation had long since surpassed him by countless times.

Ning Cheng smiled and spoke, “It’s not about being involved. Since I’m in the Grand Essence Ruins, such a thing would have happened to me eventually. It doesn’t matter if it was a day earlier or a day later. However, I do have some questions for the two of you.”

Ning Cheng didn’t bother beating around the bush. If Peng Shan hadn’t shown honest intentions, maybe he would have already killed Peng Shan at that time. But considering how Peng Shan spoke about this Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain, Ning Cheng also understood that it wasn’t a small sect. Therefore, once he killed Peng Shan, Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain would investigate.

But fortunately, he didn’t have any feud with Flaming Feather Spirit Mountain. However, because of this Jing Weiran, he ended up in a feud with Beyond Heaven Path. Therefore, even if he tolerated such things, this kind of matter would have eventually happened to him. Facing experts who he couldn’t resist against, Ning Cheng might have to bear it for a while and wait till his strength reached the desired level before striking back. But in the face of two Eternal cultivators, Ning Cheng would never tolerate it.

“Senior, please ask whatever you want.” Jing Weiran, who already felt guilty of involving Ning Cheng into their matters, replied with a respectful voice.

Ning Cheng knew that Jing Weiran and his wife wanted to leave as quickly as possible. So, he decided to ask some simple questions, “How strong is this Beyond Heaven Path? Who is their strongest cultivator, and what level of cultivation do they have? Do they have any special backing?”

Ning Cheng asked these questions with a purpose. If Beyond Heaven Path was too powerful for him, he might have to cancel the idea of going back to Grand Essence Ruins’ Quest Hall to complete the tasks. The Grand Essence Quest Hall had too many good things. But no matter how good the stuff in there were, they weren’t as important as keeping one’s life.

But if Beyond Heaven Path’s strength weren’t enough to force him to escape, he would still do what he should do.

Jing Weiran bowed and replied, “Beyond Heaven Path is far inferior to the Dao Confirming, Rogue Cultivator, Sword Ruins, Spirit Thunder or the other major alliances. But it’s still relatively famous among the small alliances within the Grand Essence Ruins. Fei Er, their leader, is a Dao Sculpting expert and his most famous spirit technique is the Everlasting Collapsing Thunder. It’s quite strong and is even known as Grand Essence Little Spirit Thunder. Moreover, there aren’t many Dao Sculpting cultivators on the same level that can defeat Fei Er in a solo battle.”

“Vice Leader Ran Haosen is Fei Er’s sworn brother, and he is a half-step Dao Sculpting expert. Beyond Heaven Path also has more than 20 full-circle Eternal cultivators. At the same time, they also have quite a few Eternal cultivators at varying cultivation levels. As for if Beyond Heaven Path has any backing, I don’t have any information about it.”

Only one Dao Sculpting cultivator? Ning Cheng felt somewhat relieved. He didn’t know whether Hong Lun was a Dao Sculpting cultivator or not. But even if Hong Lun wasn’t a Dao Sculpting cultivator, Hong Lun must have been close. Therefore, even if he couldn’t fight against Fei Er, he could easily escape if necessary with his current strength. As for Ran Haosen’s half-step Dao Sculpting, Ning Cheng entirely ignored it.

Ning Cheng, who originally wanted to leave, no longer wanted to after knowing Fei Er’s strength. After he finished transforming his celestial essence into spirit essence, why would it matter if he had to face a Dao Sculpting cultivator? Besides, he came to the Grand Essence Ruins to look for Yan Ji, but he hadn’t found Yan Ji yet. Moreover, the Grand Essence Ruins truly helped him in cultivation and had plenty of treasures everywhere. Why not take this opportunity to redeem more good things when he didn’t care much about the points?

As for encashing Peng Shan’s favour, Ning Cheng didn’t even think about it. In his opinion, after finishing the transaction with Peng Shan, there would be no favours. It’s already a favour if he didn’t want anything with Peng Shan.

“I understand. I’ll take my leave now; you guys also should leave. Goodbye.” Ning Cheng finished speaking, and his figure flashed before it disappeared.

Jing Weiran and his wife naturally knew the dangers of staying in this place. Therefore, after Ning Cheng left, the two quickly took out concealment masks and instantly left the area.


When Ning Cheng reached a secluded area, he brought out the Starry Sky Wheel and left the place ten times faster than when he entered the Grand Essence Ruins.

People still went in and out of the Grand Essence Quest Hall. But because of the feud with the Beyond Heaven Path, Ning Cheng remained vigilant even after entering the Quest Hall. He didn’t know if it was because no one had realised his return or whether his warning worked. But after entering the Quest Hall, no spiritual consciousness fell on him.

Seeing this, Ning Cheng went straight to the Material Quest Area, found an open window and sat down. The one receiving him was a young female cultivator with a pair of crescent moon-shaped eyebrows.

“Excuse me, what quest have you come to hand over?” The female cultivator spoke with a crisp voice. It even had a sort of affinity that would draw people over to her.

Even Ning Cheng who felt on edge felt extremely comfortable after hearing this soft yet crisp voice. It even had a relaxing effect on his mind. He realised that he was just overthinking about various things. Even if Fei Er from Beyond Heaven Path came, he didn’t have anything to fear truly.

Not to mention that fighting wasn’t allowed in the public square of the Grand Essence Ruins, even if a fight did break out, so what? There wasn’t anything to fear.

The female cultivator also seemed to have felt Ning Cheng’s relaxed mood and smiled. People like her had received special training in relaxing cultivators who came to hand in their tasks.

“Can you tell me which tasks involve Law Soil?” Ning Cheng also smiled and asked.

When the female cultivator heard that Ning Cheng had come here for Law Soil related tasks, the smile on her face immediately brightened.  “Law Soil pertains to the 163rd material task. Do you plan to select it or redeem it?”

For her window, any cultivators who take up and finish the tasks would receive points through her. For every transfer of 10,000 points through her window, she would also receive a commission of one point. On a typical day, she could easily earn a dozen points every day. And if she did a transfer for a task that exceeded one million points, her commission would increase by a factor of ten.

Unfortunately, she had manned this window for many years, and such things rarely happened. Even she had only handled one such transaction before. After all, hardly anyone could hand over tasks that exceeded one million points. Moreover, even if such a thing did indeed happen, it wouldn’t be a material-type task. It would mostly be either a spirit technique task or a dao fruit task.

But Law Soil tasks involved very high points, which meant that she could earn at least 50% to 100% more than usual from Ning Cheng’s transaction today.

“Yes, I want to hand over some Law Soil….” Ning Cheng took out a jade box while she was still talking and handed it over.

The female cultivator took the jade box and opened it carefully.

But when she saw the chunk of Law Soil in the jade box was larger than her fist, she almost screamed aloud. Fortunately, she quickly controlled her excitement and closed Ning Cheng’s jade box. Then, she spoke to Ning Cheng with an even more polite voice, “I can’t estimate the points for your Law Soil. Please wait for a moment as I call over a deacon.”

Ning Cheng noticed the slight tremble in her tone as if she was afraid that Ning Cheng would switch to another window to exchange for points.

This female cultivator truly thought that Ning Cheng would do such a thing. However, only the deacon could evaluate the points for this chuck of Law Soil and the only person who could approve the commission. She naturally didn’t want to lose out on such a huge income because she couldn’t evaluate the points.

Ning Cheng smiled and said, “It’s okay; you can go call him.”

The female cultivator immediately taped the crystal ball next to her and made a few handprints over it. After just a few breaths, a red-faced old man eagerly came to this female cultivator, “Who’s handing over the chunk of Law Soil larger than a fist? Where’s this chunk of Law Soil?”

The old man asked anxiously before even coming to a stop. Law Soil chunks of such massive size were too rare. Now that one such piece had come to their doorstep; he naturally would feel excited about it.

The female cultivator quickly handed over the jade box and then pointed to Ning Cheng before speaking, “This dao friend came to hand it over.”

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