Chapter 0863

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Chapter 0863: Dao Confirming Exchange

The red-faced old man greeted Ning Cheng enthusiastically, and at the same time, opened the jade box in his hand.

“Good stuff.” When the red-faced old man saw the Law Soil inside the jade box, he couldn’t help but exclaim. He wasn’t like the female cultivator looking over the transaction window. He had seen too many Law Soil chunks from many cultivators while working in this place for many years. He had even seen a few pieces several times larger than Ning Cheng, but he had never seen a chunk of Law Soil with such apparent law dao charms as the one in his hand.

The clearer the dao charm of law within the Law Soil, the more valuable the Law Soil would be for anyone. The chunk of Law Soil brought by Ning Cheng wasn’t only large but also had a distinct law vein. It meant that a Dao Fruit Tree could more easily absorb the law aura contained within this chunk of Law Soil and fetch a higher price.

“This dao friend, the grade of your Law Soil is truly very high. I can give you 150,000 points along with 150,000 spirit crystals for it, how about it?” The red-faced old man looked at Ning Cheng with an eager gaze.

Ning Cheng showed a slight smile and said, “I don’t have an opinion…..”

Seeing that Ning Cheng didn’t haggle, the red-faced old man felt overjoyed and was just about to urge the female cultivator next to him to initiate the point transaction. But then he heard Ning Cheng continue, “I have a few more pieces here.”

While talking, Ning Cheng took out four more pieces of Law Soil. Three of those pieces were as big as two fists, and even the small chunk was about the same size as the one Ning Cheng had previously taken out.

Even if the red-faced deacon had seen too much of the world, he still felt shocked by Ning Cheng’s display. The larger the Law Soil, the more valuable it is, and the clearer the Law Vein within it, the more value it would add to it. The chunks of Law Soil that Ning Cheng had taken out were not only big but even had clear Law Veins.

He excitedly grabbed the jade boxes that Ning Cheng had taken out and the look in his eyes turned even more eager. As for the female cultivator beside him, she couldn’t help but visibly tremble in excitement. She could see that if all the Law Soil taken out by Ning Cheng turned into points, those points would exceed one million.

For her, as long as she handled a task transaction of more than a million points, the commission she would receive would increase tenfold. In other words, as long as Ning Cheng’s task brought in more than one million points, she would get much more than a hundred points in this one transaction alone. It could very possibly exceed a thousand points.

More than a thousand points for her was a lot. With this many points, she could redeem it for many resources suitable for her cultivation in the Quest Hall’s merchant house.

The red-faced old man checked the Law Soil from Ning Cheng several times, and then finally put all the chunks of Law Soil into one jade box and looked at Ning Cheng. “These five pieces of Law Soil can fetch you a total of 1.5 million points. Plus, 1.5 million spirit crystals.”

After speaking, the red-faced old man looked at Ning Cheng with an eager gaze. Even if Ning Cheng didn’t exchange these chunks of Law Soil for points, and put it up for auction, everyone would end up fighting for it. He wanted to ask Ning Cheng from where he obtained these chunks of Law Soil. But fortunately, the old man also understood that it was a taboo to ask about such matters. Eventually, he managed to hold back the curiosity and didn’t ask. 

“Okay.” Ning Cheng didn’t hesitate to agree and nodded. He also understood that he acted a bit too showy when he took out those five chunks of Law Soil at the same time. But for the sake of obtaining more strength, he had to do it.

Besides, Ning Cheng had already planned that the Law Soil task was only a one-off task. He wouldn’t do it again after today. Ning Cheng didn’t dare to continue to take out Law Soil from the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Not only was he worried that taking too much Law Soil from the Mysterious Yellow Bead would affect the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but he also didn’t want anyone to start investigating him.

He could say that finding a few pieces of Law Soil as a lucky encounter, but even that would be a stretch. But if he ‘found’ so many chunks of Law Soil each time he went out; luck wouldn’t just cut it. In any case, Ning Cheng decided to make this one-time deal and would stop exchanging the Law Soil from the Mysterious Yellow Bead for points.

Hearing Ning Cheng agree to the offer, the red-faced old man finally felt relieved. The female cultivator, however, felt even more delighted and tried to calm herself. After a few breaths, she then said to Ning Cheng, “Please take out your Quest Card, and I will help you finish the exchange for Quest Points.”

Ning Cheng then took out the black card and handed it to the female cultivator.

Seeing that Ning Cheng’s Quest Card was only a black card, the female cultivator felt even more shocked. A cultivator wanted to exchange for 1.5 million points in one go, and he took out a black card. No one would believe it even if she shouted about it at the top of her voice.

Fortunately, her ample professional experience helped her return to normal quickly. With a soft smile on her face, she quickly helped Ning Cheng transfer 1.5 million points to his card and at the same time, also handed Ning Cheng 1.5 million spirit crystals.

With over a million spirit crystals and also 1.5 million points, the first thing that Ning Cheng wanted to do now was to head to the Quest Hall’s merchant house and exchange it for some cultivation resources. After that, he would find a place for secluded cultivation to convert his celestial essence into spirit essence.

“Huh, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, are you also coming to hand over a task?” A surprised voice stopped Ning Cheng who had just walked out of the Quest Hall.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up with cupped fists, “It turned out to be Junior Apprentice Sister Kong Ning. That’s right. I just finished handing over a task. Did Junior Apprentice Sister Kong Ning also hear to complete a task?”

Ning Cheng knew the female cultivator who called him, it was Kong Ning, who he met in the Defying Ice Mound. Kong Ning was River Luo Sacred Sect’s disciple. She had even asked Ning Cheng to join her River Luo Sacred Sect. However, Ning Cheng had rejected her without much thought. He never expected to see her here.

Next to Kong Ning, were another man and a woman. The male cultivator looked very handsome. The white cultivator robe over him made him look even more stunning and extraordinary. Moreover, disregarding this male cultivator’s looks, the aura of cultivation from him also felt quite strong. Ning Cheng estimated that this male cultivator’s strength didn’t lose out to Hong Lun from back then, or even higher.

The female cultivator wore a light blue robe, had snowy white skin, and sported slim eyebrows. Although she had long hair, she put it up in a fairy bun, which seemed to add an aura of an immortal to her. Kong Ning herself was a beautiful woman, but standing next to this lady, she couldn’t compare to her at all. She even looked inconspicuous and ordinary.

Of course, it was just the first impression of a bystander. From Ning Cheng’s perspective, Kong Ning’s beauty wasn’t any different from this female cultivator. It’s just that Kong Ning chose to dress in a grey robe, without any decorations or trinkets, which made her seem like a far cry from that female cultivator.

In Ning Cheng’s view, this female cultivator’s cultivation should have already reached the full-circle Eternal Realm. However, Ning Cheng didn’t like the expression on her. She sported an ice-cold face as if someone owed her money. That said, the man and the woman standing side by her side did look like an immortal couple.

“No. I, Senior Apprentice Brother Yin and Senior Apprentice sister Yaocen came here to participate in the Dao Confirming Exchange in the Quest Hall’s merchant house. By the way, let me make the introductions. He is Senior Apprentice Brother Ying Yongxuan from Seven Star Sacred Shrine, one of the three sacred shrines. And this person is my Senior Apprentice Sister Shan Yaocen.”

While Kong Ning said this, she also pointed to the two cultivators one by one and introduced the man and the woman. “Senior Apprentice Brother Ying, Senior Apprentice Sister Yaocen, this is Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng. He helped me out in the Defying Ice Mound before…”

Ning Cheng also stepped forward to greet them out of politeness. Shan Yaocen and Ying Yongxuan both had higher cultivations than him and came from prominent sects. Moreover, he had heard about these so-called sacred shrines quite a few times till now and understood that these most likely weren’t trivial forces at all.

But just as Ning Cheng took a step forward, he stopped. Ying Yongxuan and Shan Yaocen didn’t even glance at him after hearing Kong Ning’s introduction. Since these people didn’t even bother to nod, even if they were Dao Perfection powerhouses, Ning Cheng wouldn’t bother with courtesies.

Seeing Ning Cheng pause and frown, Kong Ning also looked embarrassed.

However, Ning Cheng smiled and said to Kong Ning, “Junior Apprentice Sister Kong Ning, how does one get to this Dao Confirming Exchange on the Quest Hall’s Merchant House?”

Kong Ning quickly asked, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, do you want to go there too?”

Ning Cheng nodded, “Yeah. I just finished handing over a task, and I happen to have some points to spare. So I wanted to see if I could convert them into cultivation resources, and then find a place to seclude myself for a while.”

“Well, if it’s just entering the Dao Confirming Exchange, you need to have a silver card. Wait…..” Kong Ning finished speaking and then said to the two people next to her, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ying, Senior Apprentice Sister Yaocen, you both have silver cards. Since people with a silver card can bring one person along with them, can one of you take Senior Apprentice Brother Ning in with you?”

Shan Yaocen finally glanced at Ning Cheng, but with an ice-cold gaze. However, she didn’t answer Kong Ning’s words and instead turned around and left. The male cultivator called Ying Yongxuan quickly followed Shan Yaocen when he saw her go.

Kong Ning frowned, but after a while, she spoke to Ning Cheng apologetically. “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I’m so sorry. My Quest Card is only a white card, so I can’t bring anyone with me.”

Ning Cheng didn’t mind it and said, “It’s alright, you should go. It doesn’t matter much if I can go or not, I don’t have a lot of points anyway.”

Shan Yaocen, who had only walked a few meters, heard Ning Cheng say that he didn’t have many points, showed an even more disdainful expression. Was there any need to say this? Not to mention now others also know that you don’t have any points.

Ning Cheng had no intention of pretending to be a broke person. However, he had no idea about the value of points. Therefore, Ning Cheng truly didn’t know if 1.5 million points were a lot or not. After all, just the Permanent Essence Pills that he used for cultivation numbered in hundreds of millions, which meant that 1.5 million points weren’t much in his eyes.

Kong Ning felt even more embarrassed and ashamed. If the Dao Confirming Exchange hadn’t started already, Kong Ning would have done everything in her power to help Ning Cheng find a way to enter. It’s just that the exchange would begin shortly, and she had no other alternative. Kong Ning considered this Dao Confirmation Exchange as something extremely vital to her. As such, she could only bid farewell to Ning Cheng before quickly leaving. She, however, made up her mind to help Ning Cheng after coming out of the exchange.

As soon as Kong Ning caught up with Shan Yaocen duo, Ning Cheng heard Shan Yaocen’s low-pitched voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Ning, you’re also a disciple of one of the three sacred shrines. Yet, you even addressed a cultivator who hasn’t reached the late-stage Eternal Realm as ‘Senior Apprentice Brother’. If this thing got out, it would cause a loss of face for my River Luo Sacred Sect.”

Upon hearing this, Kong Ning showed a slight frown. If it weren’t for the Dao Confirming resources, she would have already turned around and left. But thinking that they both were from the River Luo Sacred Sect, Kong Ning held back her anger and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning isn’t an ordinary Eternal cultivator. He’s strong enough to be a king within the Eternal Realm. What’s more, I owe him a favour.”

Without waiting for Shan Yaocen to say anything, Ying Yongxuan chucked and said, “Forget it, Kong Ning just has a kind heart. After all, the Grand Essence Ruins is open to everyone, and there are all kinds of people here. People can say anything here, so one is bound to believe in one or two things.”

After hearing Ying Yongxuan’s words, Kong Ning stopped talking entirely. She felt that there was no need to continue explaining to these two people. In any case, everyone had their ideas and perceptions.

Ning Cheng naturally didn’t care about what two unknown people thought of him. Instead, he focussed more about finding a way to participate in the Dao Confirming Exchange after entering then Quest Hall’s Merchant House.

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