Chapter 0864

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Chapter 0864: Tough Woman

“Pa…..” A giant palm slapped onto a jade tea table, and the exquisite jade tea table instantly shattered to dust.

It was a blond man with a dark face and a high nose that smashed the tea table. When other people saw this man, they would first notice the person’s giant palms. Even his arms were much longer than ordinary people. Not just that, his palm looked like a pair of large dustpans.

“Did you find anything?” Sitting across from him was a man and a woman. The man had short hair and short beard; however, he had a burly figure and looked very young.

The blond man nodded and threw the crystal ball in his hand towards the young male cultivator who asked the question.

The young male cultivator took the crystal ball and let his spiritual consciousness seep into it. After a while, his expressions turned a bit ugly to look at, and at the same time, he spoke up with a cold voice, “I thought it was one of those sacred parties that wanted to oppose my Beyond Heaven Path, but it turned out to be just a little kid.”

After speaking, the young male cultivator handed the crystal ball to the female cultivator sitting next to him. Although Ning Cheng still had a head full of grey hair, these two people had discerning gazes. With just a look, the two could tell that Ning Cheng wasn’t too old.

The angry blond man was Fei Er, the leader of Beyond Heaven Path, and the young male cultivator was Ran Haosen, the deputy-leader of Beyond Heaven Path. Finally, the female cultivator currently looking at the crystal ball was Deacon Yuwen Qianping of Beyond Heaven Path. One could even say that Beyond Heaven Path was the brainchild of Yuwen Qianping, and every strategy that Beyond Heaven Path employed had her shadow some way or the other.

Yuwen Qianping waved and brought out another tea table, then placed the crystal ball on the table after seeing it and poured out a cup of spiritual tea for Fei Er and Ran Haosen. Only after doing that did she slowly speak up, “Looking at the strength of this person, he should have already reached the full-circle of Eternal Realm. However, his strength still exceeds that of ordinary full-circle Eternal cultivators. But since we identified him as a rogue cultivator, it would be an easy matter to take care of him. Regardless, we have to find this fellow as soon as possible, and we mustn’t drag this out any further.”

Fei Er felt angry, not because someone killed Jing Wuya and Yu Lian of his Beyond Heaven Path. But because it was a rogue cultivator who had killed these two people. If even a rogue cultivator could provoke his Beyond Heaven Path, then let alone expanding the Beyond Heaven Path outside, they might even find it difficult to stay in Grand Essence Ruins.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Qianping, why do you say that we shouldn’t drag it? The Grand Essence Ruins is just too vast. Even Dao Perfection experts can search all corners. If this person wants to hide, then even if we release a task to capture him, it might take some time to find this person.” Ran Haosen spoke with a deep voice.

Yuwen Qianping pointed to the crystal ball in front of her, “From this crystal ball, you can already gauze that this person’s strength exceeds people of his level. Even among those sacred children, I suspect very few can match his strength at full-circle Eternal Realm. Moreover, the Grand Essence Great Meet is also around the corner. If the big sects of Grand Essence Domain get wind of this person’s strength, I’m afraid they’ll do everything in their power to get him to join their sects…..”

Before Yuwen Qianping could finish speaking, Fei Er and Ran Haosen quickly understood what it implied. They nodded and said, “Yes, we have to kill this person as quickly as possible.”

No matter how strong was Beyond Heaven Path in these parts, they couldn’t compare to those powerful sects with deep foundations. If this rogue cultivator ended up joining one of those big sects, it would become impossible for Beyond Heaven Path to take revenge.

Fei Er finished this sentence but frowned once again. What Ran Haosen said wasn’t unreasonable either. The Grand Essence Ruins was simply too huge. Could they truly find that rogue cultivator in this place if he wanted to hide from them?

Yuwen Qianping spoke up with confidence, “Two elder brothers, you don’t have to worry about it. I suspect that this rogue cultivator will come out of the Grand Essence Ruins, and even appear in the Grand Essence Ruin’s public square.”

Don’t look at Ran Haosen having a naive and young appearance. Just like Fei Er, he was an old demon who had already lived for many thousand years. Moreover, they all have lived at the edge of the Grand Essence Ruins for quite a long time, and have experienced countless things together. Therefore, the moment Yuwen Qianping said those words, the two of them immediately thought of the critical point, and their eyes suddenly lit up.

Ran Haosen also laughed, “Have to commend Junior Apprentice Sister Qianping’s thought process. This person saved that couple, so that couple would most likely give the Law Soil they obtained to this person. As long as this person obtained the Law Soil, he might take the risk of coming to the Grand Essence Ruin’s Quest Hall and hand over the task. He might even go to the Quest Hall’s merchant house after redeeming it for points.”

Yuwen Qianping nodded, “That’s only one of the points. The other point is that since he dared to act against people from our Beyond Heaven Path, this person is confident in his strength. Either that, or he doesn’t care about our Beyond Heaven Path at all. Moreover, such people have quite a high-spirited nature, which means it’s only natural for him to come to the Quest Hall and hand over the task.”


Yuwen Qianping’s guess wasn’t entirely correct but wasn’t completely wrong either. Ning Cheng did come to the Quest Hall to hand over the Law Soil task. She also guessed that Ning Cheng would dare to leave the Grand Essence Ruins, but not because he didn’t fear the Beyond Heaven Path. Even if he wanted to go into hiding, he had to wait until he exchanged the points for a large number of cultivating resources before finding a place to go into seclusion.

At this time, Ning Cheng stood at the door of the Quest Hall’s merchant house. After repeatedly questioning others, he already knew that if he didn’t find someone to take him inside, he wouldn’t be able to enter.

Ning Cheng had already inquired about when the Dao Confirmation Exchange would start and knew that he had just a little less than half an hour. Seeing many experts entering the merchant house, Ning Cheng felt even more anxious. He also understood that this kind of exchange would have a lot of good things. Therefore, even if he spent all of his 1.5 million points on the merchant house’s black level, it might not compare to the items inside.

Two more beautiful female cultivators came over. Ning Cheng saw these two people’s appearance and knew that they must have come here to attend the Dao Confirming Exchange. At this time, Ning Cheng didn’t care about anything and took the initiative to walk over. He stopped with cupped fists in front of the two women and said, “Two Senior Apprentice Sisters, please.”

“What’s the matter?” The tall female cultivator glanced at Ning Cheng with a cold gaze and spoke with an equally icy tone.

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Two Senior Apprentice Sisters, I don’t have a silver card. However, I truly want to participate in the Dao Confirming Exchange. I wanted to ask if the two Senior Apprentice Sisters could bring me in. I’m even willing to pay some points…..”

Before Ning Cheng could finish his words, the tall female cultivator’s imposing manner came crashing down on Ning Cheng. At the same time, she spoke up with an even colder voice, “Get lost.”

Ning Cheng’s expressions truly looked ugly at this point. Even if you disagreed, how could these people think they were better than others? Was having a silver card that big of a deal? Once I consume my points, I’d also have a silver card.

“Hehe, did you truly think that women from Nine Revolving Sacred Dao Pond would take you inside for some points…..” A voice filled with schadenfreude came over.

Ning Cheng turned around and saw another female cultivator. It’s just that this female cultivator’s appearance was far from those two beautiful women. She had a plump face, and when she smiled, it almost turned her eyes into thin slits. However, this face still gave Ning Cheng a familiar feeling.

“This Senior Apprentice Sister, is the Nine Revolving Sacred Dao Pond that good?” Ning Cheng cupped his fists and asked with a polite voice.

The plump female cultivator chuckled again, “Nine Revolving Sacred Dao Pons is one of the three Grand Essence’s Sacred Shrines. You tell me if they are that good or not? Do you even know who that woman is, the one who told you to get lost? She is Shi Yishuang, and the one next to her is Na Yuanxing. Well, from your point of view, they might look awesome. But in my opinion, she’s just slightly better than average. No, even a urine pot looks better than either of them, yet they still keep their eyes and nose up in the sky.”

Ning Cheng could hear the sourness from that plump female cultivator’s face. He guessed that she was the type of person who would declare the grapes as sour if she couldn’t eat them.

“Don’t worry. None of those two will take you in, but I can. As for that silver card bullshit, this old lady also has one.” This plump female cultivator didn’t even talk like a woman. Instead, all that came out of her mouth was cursing and degrading insults before she finally shut her mouth.

Ning Cheng, however, didn’t care about this female cultivator’s words. Hearing that this female cultivator could take him inside, he quickly cupped his fists and thanked her. “Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Sister, for your help….”

The plump female cultivator showed a cunning smile, “I’m not going to help you for free. I heard you say that you wouldn’t mind paying some points. How many points do you have? Give me half, and I’ll take you inside immediately.”

Half? Ning Cheng frowned immediately. He had about 1.55 million points. If he gave her half, what could he do with the slightly more than 700,000 points?

“Huh, what, you don’t want it anymore? Forget it then. This Peng Ruimei isn’t someone who forces others out of their points. Goodbye…..” The plump female cultivator turned around and started leaving.

Ning Cheng suddenly remembered something and shouted, “Do you know Peng Shan? Can you tell me where he is now?”

“Huh, how do you know my brother?” Peng Ruimei stopped and looked at Ning Cheng with a suspicious gaze.

Ning Cheng took out a jade card and said, “Peng Shan gave this to me when I helped him. My name is Ning Cheng. If you go back and ask your brother, he can tell you more about it.”

“Oh, so you’re Ning Cheng. Why didn’t you say it earlier? Let’s go. You’re coming inside with me whether you like it or not. You don’t need to pay me any points either. In any case, I also wanted to thank you for helping my brother find such a large piece of Law Soil…..” Peng Ruimei’s expressions changed quickly after hearing that Ning Cheng was a friend of her younger brother Peng Shan. She even became more enthusiastic.

“Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Sister.” Ning Cheng felt overjoyed and thanked her once again. 

Peng Ruimei waved her hand and said, “I truly do want to thank you for Peng Shan’s matter. But you also should know that beautiful women think that the meat on their body is very precious. Bah, it’ll never look the same once you strip off their clothes or once they grow old anyway. That Peng Shan doesn’t understand it, nor does he want to live up to the family’s expectations. He’s just desperately fond of that one woman, but the woman he likes requires a piece of Law Soil as a betrothal gift. Even after I tried to kick some sense into him, he wouldn’t listen. He still went ahead and came to the Grand Essence Ruins to find that clump of Law Soil.”

Ning Cheng stood there in silence. Peng Shan’s big sister had quite an unrestrained mouth. She’s one tough woman, no doubt.

Fortunately, without waiting for Ning Cheng’s answer, the two had already arrived at the place where the Grand Essence Ruin’s merchant house hosted the exchange.

After entering the Exchange Hall, Ning Cheng secretly sighed that this place truly was a gathering of powerhouses. One could feel the aura of dao charm everywhere, and every corner gave out a strong aura fluctuation.

The hall covered a large area, and there was still a lot many cultivators coming in from the outside. Ning Cheng glanced around and found nearly a thousand people already seated inside. The exchange hall looked like a pot from above, with a circular table and a crystal screen suspended over it. It also seemed somewhat similar to an auction stage. As for the cultivators participating in the exchange, they all sat around it.

Although Peng Ruimei had an unrestrained mouth, after entering the exchange hall, she immediately stopped talking. She guided Ning Cheng to find a seat and then sat down next to him.

“Huh, Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, you also came in?” Kong Ning’s surprised voice sounded right beside Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng then saw Kong Ning, Shan Yaocen and Ying Yongxuan. He smiled and nodded, “Yeah, my friend did me a favour.”

Peng Ruimei also saw Kong Ning’s trio and showed a slight frown before asking, “Are those three your friends?”

Ning Cheng quickly explained, “No, only Junior Apprentice Sister Kong Ning is my friend. I don’t know the others.”

Shan Yaocen and Ying Yongxuan heard Ning Cheng’s words and gave a cold humph but didn’t speak.

Peng Ruimei nodded, “That’s alright then. You must be careful when you make friends. You can’t make friends with riff-raff. Better learn from Peng Shan’s example, or you’ll drown in bitterness.”

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