Chapter 0866

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Chapter 0866: Appearance of Spiritual Consciousness Spirit Technique

If not for the high importance of this Dao Fruit, Kong Ning would never even think of borrowing even a single point from Ning Cheng. Stuck in the Eternal Realm for many years, all she lacked right now was a suitable opportunity. As long as Kong Ning could grasp this small opportunity, Kong Ning felt sure to successfully reach Dao Sculpting. No matter how bad her talents, she could at least step into the half-step Dao Sculpting list.

When Shan Yaocen didn’t even bother looking at her, Kong Ning also understood why she decided to act this way. It wasn’t just about points, but primarily because they had similar cultivation. Shan Yaocen already obtained a Dao Fruit a long time ago, so her reaching Dao Sculpting was just a matter of time. The only reason why she had come here was to find treasures that could stabilise her advancement to the Dao Sculpting Realm. Since they both were competitors, Shan Yaocen naturally hoped that Kong Ning would delay her entry into the Dao Sculpting Realm.

Since Ying Yongxuan pursued Shan Yaocen, he naturally would also not lend her any points, lest he risked invoking the ire of Shan Yaocen.

Therefore, now that Ning Cheng agreed to lend her some points, Kong Ning felt delighted. Although she had asked Ning Cheng for help, she never expected Ning Cheng to agree. Moreover, even if she had to owe others a favour, she didn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity.

In just a short time, the price of Falling Scar Fruit reached 410,000 points. Kong Ning hesitated for some time before quoting 415,000 points, but someone still surpassed her, and the bid for the Falling Scar Fruit climbed up to 420,000 points.

Shan Yaocen glanced at Kong Ning with some doubts. She knew that Kong Ning didn’t have more than 400,000 points on her. One had to know that misquoting in this kind of Dao Confirming Exchange would involve unimaginable consequences.

Ning Cheng shook his head. He felt that Kong Ning’s quote lacked any aggressive intent, which would only drag things out for her and drive up the price. Only by quoting a bid without hesitation, could falter others and reduce unnecessary competition.

Kong Ning also seemed to have realised her shortcomings. Therefore, after the price reached 420,000 points, she immediately quoted 430,000 without any hesitation.

In truth, although the Falling Scar Fruit was a Dao Confirming Dao Fruit, it wasn’t a top-grade Dao Confirming Dao Fruit. Therefore, once the price reached 400,000 points, one could already consider it the highest ceiling for this fruit. It also meant that after reaching 400,000 points, people wouldn’t willingly increase their bids by much. Therefore, when Kong Ning added 10,000 points to the previous quote, it immediately showed her determination, and the rising offers immediately stopped at 430,000 points.

After the organiser announced that Kong Ning’s price held up, Kong Ning then turned her nervous gaze at Ning Cheng. If Ning Cheng couldn’t give her the required points, she wouldn’t escape heavy punishment; she might even die.

Ning Cheng smiled and stretched out his hand to Kong Ning and said, “Junior Apprentice Sister Kong Ning, give me your quest card.”

Kong Ning didn’t hesitate to hand over her quest card to Ning Cheng. It was a white card, and Ning Cheng also noticed the 371,000 points next to Kong Ning’s name. He then took out his quest card and transferred 70,000 points into Kong Ning’s card. With more than 440,000 points, Kong Ning could now easily buy this Falling Scar Fruit. She also wouldn’t have any problems in paying the 1% cut to the merchant house.

Kong Ning finally felt relieved when she saw the 441,000 points on her quest card. Smiling gratefully at Ning Cheng, she then traded with the cultivator from seat number 26.

Shan Yaocen frowned slightly. She didn’t think that a rogue cultivator like Ning Cheng could loan tens of thousands of points to Kong Ning. It made her very upset. Whoever stepped into Dao Confirming first would also be the first to enter the sect’s Spirit Technique Pavilion. River Luo Sacred Sect has only a few powerful spirit techniques, and the sect only taught them to one disciple every 10,000 years. The Star Scarring Spirit Technique that she had wanted to learn happened to be one of those spirit techniques. Therefore, if Kong Ning successfully reached the Dao Sculpting Realm before her, she would end up missing this opportunity. She couldn’t wait for another ten thousand years.

As she thought of this, she even started to feel a killing desire towards Ning Cheng. He was nothing more than an ant in her eyes, yet this ant dared to ruin her opportunity. To please Kong Ning, this ant probably took out all his points. But even if he wanted to court Kong Ning, he can’t even lick Kong Ning’s toenails as he is.

As River Luo Sacred Sect’s inner sect powerhouses, how could an ant have the qualifications to pursue them?

While Shan Yaocen continued to mull over her thoughts, the cultivator in seat 27 had already reported the items for exchange, “The thing I want to exchange is a piece of Phantom Wind Trace. I believe many dao friends here already know about the Phantom Wind Trace….”

Sure enough, after this cultivator reported his item, it immediately caused some surprised gasps around the hall. From this, one could tell that the Phantom Wind Trace was something rare.

“Phantom Wind Trace can only condense in wind-attributed Law Space; moreover, the chance of condensing even in those areas is almost minuscule. Maybe this thing has no use for most people, but it’s the most needed treasure for wing-type flying treasures. Phantom Wind Trace can help upgrade wing-type flying weapons who have achieved nirvana by a full level. You won’t find this thing whenever you want, and even if you don’t have a wing-type flying weapon today, what about the future?”

Even without the cultivator’s encouragement, Ning Cheng decided to get this item immediately when he heard that it could upgrade wing-type flight weapons that had already undergone nirvana, by a full level.

After he used the Wind Thunder Apricot Tree’s branches to let the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds experience nirvana, it had already reached the limit in its speed. He had no idea if he could still upgrade its speed or not, which made Ning Cheng a little disappointed. As his cultivation continued to improve, the wings would eventually become a liability instead of an asset. Now that a treasure that could potentially upgrade it once again appeared in front of him, how could he let it go?

Phantom Wind Trace wasn’t as useless to most people as the cultivator from seat 27 mentioned. As soon as this thing came out, the price quickly rushed to 60,000 points, and it continued to rise rapidly. Ning Cheng even saw Shan Yaocen bidding and understood that this woman also had a winged-type weapon.

Ning Cheng didn’t rush to bid. After the price of Phantom Wind Trace reached 90,000 points, the price finally stabilised. At this point, Ning Cheng immediately quoted a price of 100,000 points.

Except for a few people here, most cultivators didn’t know anything about Ning Cheng. Therefore, when Ning Cheng bid 100,000 points, not many people cared about him. However, Shan Yaocen knew about Ning Cheng’s background. Ning Cheng was a rogue cultivator, also a rogue cultivator in the Eternal Realm. How could he come up with so many points? Were points so easy to obtain?

Seeing Shan Yaocen frowning, Ying Yongxuan gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yaocen, if you continue to increase the price, I won’t have enough points for later.”

Shan Yaocen shook her head and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Yin, let’s wait and see.”

To get Shan Yaocen’s favour, plus without the need to borrow her points, Ying Yongxuan naturally wouldn’t object to it.

Ning Cheng also felt satisfied when he saw no one increase the price after his bid of 100,000 points. He didn’t care much about the points, as long as he could get the Phantom Wind Trace. Once his Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds got upgraded to another level, it would immediately increase his survivability chances.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, do you truly want the Phantom Wind Trace?” When Ning Cheng was about to conduct the exchange and announced his intention to start the transaction, he immediately heard a woman’s voice. However, he also understood that this voice didn’t belong to Kong Ning.

Ning Cheng quickly understood that it was Shan Yaocen who sent him a voice transmission. He received another message from her, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, I’m Shan Yaocen, and I’m also the Senior Apprentice Sister of Kong Ning.”

Why would Shan Yaocen send him a voice transmission? What was up with this development? He anyway had nothing to do with this woman. Besides, this woman wasn’t willing to even bring him into the hall, so why would she send him a message? No matter what went on in this woman’s mind, Ning Cheng had no intention to form a connection with this woman. He didn’t even bother to reply to the transmission. Whether I want the Phantom Wind Trace or not, how was it any of your business?

“With Senior Apprentice Brother Ning’s talent, not joining one of the three sacred sects would be an insult to your talents. My River Luo Sacred Sect likes to absorb talents from all over the world….. Let’s talk about it later. Senior Apprentice Brother Ning, just carry on with your exchange. You don’t have to answer me right now. Let’s meet at the Grand Essence Ruin Restaurant after the exchange meeting…..”

Ning Cheng had already started with the exchange, and no one bid more than 100,000 points. Seeing Ning Cheng beginning the transaction, Shan Yaocen also quickly ended her voice transmission.

Ning Cheng also shook her head in speechlessness. Was River Luo Sacred Sect so amazing? He never planned to enter a sacred sect anyway. And even if he wanted to go, he had already talked to Kong Ning about it before. How could this woman feel so good about herself? Regardless of whether the exchange started or not, Ning Cheng didn’t intend to answer Shan Yaocen’s words.

Ning Cheng borrowed points to Kong Ning and spent a hundred thousand points to buy things, even Peng Ruimei, who sat next to Ning Cheng, couldn’t help speak up. “Ning Cheng, which inner sect disciple of a big sect are you? How come I feel you’re richer than me?”

Ning Cheng smiled, “I’m just a rogue cultivator.”

Peng Ruimei curled her lips. I’d be an idiot to believe that you’re just a rogue cultivator.

As the exchanges continued, Ning Cheng didn’t make any further moves. He thought that Shan Yaocen would continue to send voice transmissions and wanted his Phantom Wind Trace. However, he never expected that Shan Yaocen wouldn’t send him any more voice transmission.

At this time, the exchange had already reached seat number 76. Seat number 76 was an elderly black-robed man with a mask on his face, making it difficult to see his appearance.

“What I want to trade is a cultivation method….”

The black-robed old man’s voice was intense and slightly hoarse as if his throat had a few cuts. After Ning Cheng heard that the other party wanted to trade a cultivation method, he suddenly lost interest. He had the Mysterious Yellow Formless; as such, he had no interest in cultivation methods.

“Although the cultivation method is a bit incomplete, it’s still a top-grade spiritual consciousness spiritual technique and cultivation method…..”

When the black-robed old man said the words ‘spiritual consciousness and spirit technique cultivation method’, the scene immediately exploded in whispering. Even Ning Cheng sat up straight on hearing those words. What he currently wanted the most was to create a spiritual consciousness spirit technique. His starry sky Sea of Consciousness was very powerful, and his spiritual consciousness also couldn’t compare to others of the same level. It would be a pity if he missed this opportunity.

Unfortunately, even if he had the Mysterious Yellow Formless, he still didn’t make much progress in developing a spiritual consciousness spirit technique, let alone a cultivation method. At most, he could only release his spiritual consciousness, break some restrictions that shielded spiritual consciousness, and form some spiritual consciousness thorns or spiritual consciousness blades. These things could only help him against an enemy or two when his cultivation had still not grown by much. But as his cultivation improved and his opponents also grew stronger and stronger, these low-level spiritual consciousness attacks would no longer be of much use.

Building spiritual consciousness spirit technique involved more than just having a strong Sea of Consciousness. It not only required countless years of experience but also needed a devilish genius-like mind. Ning Cheng believed that his mind far surpassed ordinary people and wasn’t too inferior to those so-called devilish geniuses. It’s just a pity that what he lacked the most was those ‘countless’ years of experience. Plus, he never even had a proper ‘teacher’ to learn the basics.

Experiences weren’t something that one could replace, and one can only obtain it through personal efforts. One could only accumulate it through time and wasn’t something that one could explain in words.

Now that a spiritual consciousness cultivation method appeared here, even if it wasn’t a complete spiritual consciousness cultivation method, Ning Cheng didn’t want to give up on it.

Looking at the hall’s enthusiasm, Ning Cheng readied himself for making a big offer if required. He knew that he wasn’t alone in desiring the spiritual consciousness cultivation method, but Ning Cheng didn’t want to give up on it.

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