Chapter 0867

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Chapter 0867: Ning Cheng’s quote

However, the old man’s next words suddenly poured ice-cold water on the cultivators who wanted the spiritual consciousness cultivation method. “I won’t say the name of this cultivation method, but I won’t sell it for less than 600,000 points.”

Six hundred thousand points for an incomplete and unknown grade cultivation method, it was just too risky. How many years would it take to earn 600,000 points? To buy a Dao Fruit, Kong Ning had saved points over many years, and even then she had to borrow points from Ning Cheng. From this, one could understand that 600,000 points almost equated to everyone’s lifelong savings in this place.

“Such a price for a nameless cultivation method, who would even ask for it?”

“At least tell everyone the name of the cultivation method?”


All kinds of discussions erupted in private, and the old man also felt that such a price wasn’t a justified one for a nameless cultivation method. However, he didn’t report the name due to his fear that no one would dare to buy it after hearing the name. Moreover, once the name got out, it would immediately cause a huge commotion. He just wanted to get rid of it in exchange for some points to buy the things he needed. But at the same time, he also didn’t want to cause any commotion over it.

But from the looks of it, no one would even consider buying it without knowing the name. If he couldn’t sell off this spiritual consciousness cultivation method, he would have no chance of getting what he needed.

Thinking of this, the old black-robed man once again spoke up, “Well, in that case, I will state the name of this cultivation method…..”

But before he could even speak the name of the spiritual consciousness cultivation method, someone immediately put up a quote on the bidding screen.

The 600,000-point bid looked quite conspicuous on the bidding screen.

The old black-robed man gave out a sigh of relief and stopped talking. Someone had finally stepped up and put up a bid, which prevented him from speaking the cultivation method’s name. Many people understood that he didn’t want everyone here to know about the cultivation method’s name.

As for the cultivators who wanted to know the name of the mysterious spiritual consciousness cultivation method, they all felt disappointed. It was just an incomplete spiritual consciousness cultivation method with an unknown origin, yet someone still bid 600,000 points for it.

Ning Cheng also felt a bit confused. In truth, he was already preparing to place a bid, and never expected that someone would put a bid before him under such a condition.

The quote was from seat 129, from a man with thin, almost none, blue hair sitting on it. Moreover, this man had a pale, almost white, face.

But when Ning Cheng looked at this person, he understood that this person’s cultivation far exceeded that of the Ninth Prince. He even had various dao charms circulating his body, and every strand of it felt powerful. But even if the person eyeing this spiritual consciousness cultivation method was even more robust, Ning Cheng had no intention of letting it go. He only had one opportunity. If Ning Cheng missed it, Ning Cheng wouldn’t get another one, at least not for a short while. Therefore, he quoted a price of 610,000 without any hesitation.

Everyone in the hall knew about the cultivator with sparse blue hair and pale face, as this person was a real Dao Sculpting powerhouse. Therefore, when such an expert bid 600,000 points to purchase an incomplete spiritual consciousness cultivation method, it did not cause much surprise.

But Ning Cheng was different, Ning Cheng even looked very young, with cultivation around the middle-stage Eternal Realm. Yet, such a cultivator bid 610,000 points. It immediately created quite a stir around the hall. When did it get so easy to earn points? How could an Eternal ant obtain more than 600,000 points?

People who didn’t know Ning Cheng simply felt that Ning Cheng’s approach was just too abrupt. As for Kong Ning, the only person who knew about Ning Cheng’s roots, she felt even more shocked.

Ning Cheng had borrowed her 70,000 points and had even spent 100,000 points to purchase the Phantom Wind Trace. Now he bid 610,000 points. Didn’t it mean that Ning Cheng had at least 800,000 points? But she knew, as clear as day, that Ning Cheng was just a newcomer to the Grand Essence Ruins. At most, it would have been not more than three years since Ning Cheng came to the Grand Essence Ruins. So how did such a newcomer obtain so many points?

Shan Yaocen’s eyes lit up even more. She first glanced at Kong Ning and scoffed at her in secret, Kong Ning you sure know how to finesse. No wonder Kong Ning showed such politeness to a rogue cultivator. It turns out that this rogue cultivator was quite wealthy. From the looks of it, Kong Ning’s scheming and skills had already surpassed her. Just look at how that rogue cultivator didn’t hesitate to lend points to Kong Ning. Anyone would come to realise that this rogue cultivator was just a puppet dancing in Kong Ning’s hands.

Now that she ‘understood’ that this rogue cultivator was nothing more than a sheep, he better not blame her, Shan Yaocen, to also take advantage of it.

Ying Yongxuan frowned. No matter how he looked at it, Ning Cheng didn’t look anything like a wealthy cultivator. How could he earn so many points? Moreover, if Ning Cheng truly was so rich, how could he not even have the qualifications to enter this place by himself?

“Yishuang looks like the ant who wanted to get close to us is quite rich.” A little farther away from Ning Cheng, sat two very beautiful female cultivators. They were none other than 9-revolving Sacred Dao Pond’s Shi Yishuang and Na Yuanxiang. It was Na Yuanxiang, the shorter of the two, who glanced at Ning Cheng and whispered.

The tall Shi Yishuang showed a slight frown, and then said after a while, “From the looks of it, this person most likely is an inner sect disciple of a big sect, and wants to swagger around shamelessly relying on a few points.”

After speaking, her gaze disdainfully swept across Kong Ning seated not far away from Ning Cheng and then at Shan Yaocen sitting a little farther away. As for Peng Ruimei, who sat next to Ning Cheng, she completely ignored her because of her ‘unsightly’ appearance.

“Ning Cheng, how many points do you have?” Peng Ruimei didn’t know that others had blatantly ignored her, and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.

“I don’t have a lot of points, but I’m about to use up half of them.” Ning Cheng told the truth.

Peng Ruimei gave a cold humph, about to use up half of the points. Didn’t it mean that this fellow had at least a million points? How the hell did this bastard get so many points?

The sparse blue-haired cultivator didn’t expect that someone would compete with him, let alone an Eternal ant. His spiritual consciousness blithely swept towards Ning Cheng to use the powerful momentum to warn Ning Cheng to quit competing with him. At the same time, he once again quoted 640,000 points.

Even if the blue-faced cultivator felt dissatisfied with Ning Cheng, he could only give a quick warning in such an exchange meeting. If he dared to oppress Ning Cheng openly, it wouldn’t be a small matter.

The blue-faced male cultivator added 30,000 points bringing the price up to 640,000 points. After seeing this price, the people in the exchange hall ignored the male cultivator’s actions but instead focussed their gazes at Ning Cheng. Everyone wanted to know whether this nouveau rich idiot would continue to increase the price. And if he raised the price, by how much?

Even if it spotlights him, Ning Cheng will increase the price regardless of the circumstances. The spiritual consciousness cultivation method directly correlated to his strength in the future, how could he shrink back from it? But Ning Cheng also knew his limits. He only had 1.5 million points. Compared to those old monsters who lived in the Grand Essence Ruins for countless years, he still had a high chance of losing.

It also meant that there was a limit on how much he could fight others on points. Therefore, if he obtained this cultivation method in exchange for all his points, it wouldn’t be worth it. What’s more, he still hasn’t fulfilled his primary purpose of coming here to find a way to transform his celestial essence into spirit essence. Although Ning Cheng knew that he could use the spirit crystals for the conversion, he wanted to check if there was something better. Plus, he also wanted to purchase a suitable long spear for himself.

It also meant that he had to take out something that could tempt this old black-robed cultivator. Thinking over everything, Ning Cheng once again quoted a new price, 650,000 points plus five egg-sized Time Stones.

Ning Cheng chose Time Stones over Space Crystals not because he had a wrong perception of Space Crystals’ value. He believed that Time Stones were far less valuable than Space Crystals for cultivators who have not yet touched the Laws of Space. But for cultivators who have already come into contact with the Laws of Space, Space Crystals were practically worthless.

On the other hand, only a handful of cultivators could come into contact with the Laws of Time. Therefore, at this moment, a Time Stone, which could potentially help someone touch the Laws of Time, would have a significantly higher value.

Ning Cheng understood that this old black-robed cultivator had already touched the Laws of Space from the fluctuations. Therefore, for this black-robed cultivator, Time Stones should have a much higher value.

Unfortunately, it was just an illusion of Ning Cheng. No matter what, a Space Crystal had the same value as a Time Crystal. Only a Law of Time Crystal would have a much higher value compared to a Space Crystal. However, a Time Stone, which was far inferior to a Laws of Time Crystal, couldn’t compare to a Space Crystal.

There already were too many people who could use space to confront the enemy, but how many people could truly comprehend the Laws of Space? Just because one could create spacial collapses, spacial compressions, or expansions against their enemies, it didn’t mean that one could control the Laws of Space.

And a Space Crystal contained a more explicit Law of Space. So how could this kind of thing be less valuable than Time Stones, which only included fuzzy and incomplete remnants of the Laws of Time?

Moreover, even when one already contacted the Laws of Space, Spacial Crystals’ value would remain unparalleled. Whether for a deeper understanding of the Laws of Space, or for cultivating space-related spirit techniques, or arranging array formations and refining spacial weapons, the value of such an object couldn’t compare to a Time Stone.

Although Ning Cheng mistakenly overestimated Time Stone’s value, the five Time Stones he took out were relatively valuable. Therefore, as soon as Ning Cheng’s quote came out, private discussions once again resumed.

“Time Stones, this is something that contains fragments of the Laws of Time…..”

“I heard that the most powerful Holy Emperor that controlled the Laws of Time was Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor. Did this person find the remains of Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor?”

“Unfortunately, it’s not a Laws of Time Crystal. Although it contains vague fragments of the Laws of Time, it only has limited value.”


As the various discussions arose, Ning Cheng eventually heard someone say the words ‘Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor’ and felt shocked. From the looks of it, Perpetual Moon Holy Emperor truly surpassed Chuan Xinlou, making him look like nothing but a fake Heavenly Emperor.

Without waiting for the blue-faced cultivator from seat 129 to increase the price, the old black-robed cultivator quickly spoke up, “I agree to the price. I choose to exchange with the Dao Friend seated in seat 164[1].”

Things like Time Stones were almost impossible to find, and even if someone found it, one might not be able to buy it with just points.

After Ning Cheng’s quote suppressed his bid, the blue-faced cultivator seated on seat 129 turned even bluer. His spiritual consciousness remained focussed on Ning Cheng for a while before finally moving away.

Ning Cheng already knew that this fellow wouldn’t let him go, but why would he bother with it at this time? Strength was the king in these areas. Only with power would people give you some face. Otherwise, even if he gave the spiritual consciousness cultivation method to this blue-faced cultivator, others would never even think of thanking him let alone leaving him alone.

Time Stones was an exchange item, which meant that the merchant house wouldn’t take its 1% cut. Therefore, Ning Cheng obtained the spiritual consciousness cultivation method after delivering the five Time Stones and 656,500 points.

The spiritual consciousness cultivation method was just as the old black-robed man described. It wasn’t only incomplete but also had a significant portion missing. But on the surface, it only looked like a book with few pages. Ning Cheng didn’t use his spiritual consciousness to check it thoroughly; instead, he put a few more restrictions on it before throwing into his ring.

[1] The author decided to change Ning Cheng’s seat number from 666 to 164. I wonder why?

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