Chapter 0906

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Chapter 0906: The real fight hasn’t started yet

“Yes, that’s the pill. Thank you, Ji He. What do you want for it? Let’s talk.” The black-robed woman’s tone softened, and she felt a lot of goodwill building up inside her towards Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng once again bowed and cupped his fists. “All I want is to finish the great meet and safely reach the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. As for other things, I don’t want any.”

He was a Dao Sculpting Pill Deity, an Artefact-crafting Master, and had a considerably large stack of divine grasses. Spirit crystals also didn’t matter much. Rather, what mattered more to him was staying alive and reaching the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring to start the spirit essence conversion. Besides, Ning Cheng also knew very well that the fewer favours he asked for in such a situation, the better it would be for him.

Even if the black-robed woman opened the jade bottle in front of everyone, he couldn’t show even half a bit of dissatisfaction. On the contrary, he could tell that this black-robed woman was an absolute powerhouse. At the same time, the other party also didn’t treat him as an equal trader. In other words, he felt that this woman would most likely put her interests first.

But to Ning Cheng’s relief, the black-robed woman turned out to be a person who kept their word. When she finished the ‘trade’ with him, she didn’t give him anything but asked what he needed.

The black-robed woman nodded. Since Ning Cheng had given her ten bottles of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills, it made her very satisfied. But, of course, she couldn’t care less about Ning Cheng’s request. Initially, she intended to take out a summoning card for Ning Cheng then wait for Ning Cheng to come out of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. Ning Cheng could just use the card at that point to save himself once, and that would have been the end of it.

But after thinking about it, she still didn’t act upon it as Ning Cheng was nothing more than an ant-like existence to her. Moreover, it was also a better deal for her as well. Once she completed this transaction, whether Ning Cheng lived or died after reaching the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring would have nothing to do with her. In any case, she wasn’t afraid of Man Huishan and had complete confidence in crushing him without much effort. It’s just that she didn’t feel the need to offend such a cultivator for a little Eternal ant that had no connection to her.

“Okay, from this moment on, till you reach the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, I will protect you.” The black-robed woman spoke up with an indifferent tone.

Ning Cheng didn’t feel too disappointed. Rather, he felt surprised that the black-robed woman would declare to keep her promise to protect him till he reached the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. Not everyone could be like him. In fact, if he swapped positions with the black-robed woman, he would have at least one more promise. That is, keeping the other party safe till he came out of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. Therefore, by the time he went out of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, the favour of giving her the pills would have elapsed. At that point, it wouldn’t matter if people still remembered him or not.

Although Man Huishan felt extremely unhappy about this development, he had no choice but to bear it for now. Fortunately, this woman had also given him some face. At best, the cultivators entering the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring would remain inside for up to five years, and at the least for a year. But, unfortunately, this period was something that Man Huishan would have to wait out.

“Many thanks, Senior. As long as this junior reaches the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, the deal with Senior would end. Senior wouldn’t need to do anything else for this junior.” Ning Cheng cupped his fists and thanked her.

She couldn’t help but look at Ning Cheng in slight amazement on hearing those words.

Although people might see Ning Cheng’s words as a sign of respect, she naturally understood the underlying meaning. That is, after this transaction, nobody owes anyone anything. So you go your way, and I go mine.

A puny Eternal cultivator dared to say such a thing meant that this fellow had a good spine. She suddenly thought about another man. This little Eternal cultivator suddenly started to look a little like that man, at least, in character.

Thinking about it, the black-robed woman felt a little dazed again. Over the years, she had been to countless places and had gone through innumerable interfaces and even positional planes. But she had never encountered such an audacious person like that man. Yet, this little Eternal cultivator, in that instant, gave her the same sense of familiarity and backbone as that man.

The black-robed woman shook her head and tried to put away those jumbled thoughts and feelings. She felt that it most likely was just an illusion or a hallucination created out of her chaotic heart.

Ning Cheng also noticed that Man Huishan didn’t start anything and felt a little more comfortable. If Man Huishan truly didn’t care about anything and started to fight against this black-robed woman, Ning Cheng would have forced himself to try everything to escape. If this black-robed woman could crush Man Huishan, it would be the best outcome. But if the black-robed woman matched evenly against Man Huishan, the Star Stepping Tower’s master wouldn’t care much about Ning Cheng’s life during the fight.

The several experts hosting the Grand Essence Great Meet, on seeing the Star Stepping Tower Master and Man Huishan not descending into a fight, started to feel a sense of relief. The other people in the audience also no longer cared if this Ji He was the real one or a fake.

With Man Huishan stepping down from causing a stir, the list of the top thirteen of the Grand Essence Great Meet quickly came out.

Of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children, four reached the top 13. Lu Yixian, Guo Haoge, Ji Pingzhong and Yin Ying.

In addition to them, there was 9-Revolving Sacred Dao Pond’s Shui Yueke, 7-Star Sacred Shrine’s Yan Xishuang, Mu Shuifeng of the Grand Essence Domain’s Mu Clan, Ren Jinge of Great Bear Seven Peaks, Zhu Nian of the Grand Essence Sea’s Silver Dragon Clan, Zhongmeng Yuxiu of the Grand Essence Sea’s Profound Aquatic Palace, and Fusi Fuyue of the Grand Essence Domain’s Fusi Clan.

Plus, the two rogue cultivators, Aiden and Ji He. Exactly thirteen people.

Ning Cheng paid a bit of attention to Fusi Fuyue from the Fusi Clan. He had killed a fellow from Fusi Clan sometime back. Ning Cheng had never expected to see someone from the Fusi Clan in this place. Fusi Fuyue looked almost the same as that Fusi fellow he had killed back then. The same silver dress and the same head full of silver hair. The only difference was that Ning Cheng couldn’t tell if this Fusi Fuyue was a man or a woman.

Ning Cheng wondered how these people would select the ten people qualified to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring out of these thirteen finalists. But then he saw Holy Emperor Extreme Void walking down to the battle stage. “The top thirteen of the Grand Essence Great Meet have finally come out. But, as always, there are only ten spots for the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. So if any of you doesn’t want to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, please get off the battle stage right away ….”

Ning Cheng felt a bit speechless on hearing those words. Why would anyone not want to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring after reaching this stage? Wasn’t the whole point of this competition to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring?

But what made Ning Cheng even more confused was that someone did come forward to step down. Moreover, it wasn’t just three cultivators, but four, who stepped down from the battle stage. One of them was Yan Xishuang. Apart from Yan Xishuang, Great Bear Seven Peak’s Ren Jinge, Zhu Nian from the Grand Essence Sea’s Silver Dragon Clan, and Fusi Clan’s Fusi Fuyue also stepped down.

When these four people stepped down from the battle stage, Holy Emperor Extreme Void didn’t feel surprised about it. “Since you don’t want to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, fight amongst yourself to determine the best three to enter the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion…..”

Ning Cheng only then learned that the Grand Essence Domain also had the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion. So these people could give up on the chance to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring for spirit essence conversion for an opportunity to enter the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion. From this, he understood that the dao laws and spirit techniques within it weren’t simple at all.

Ning Cheng had taken part in the Grand Essence Great Meet to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring and start the spirit essence conversion process. But now, it seems like he still didn’t know the full extent of what the Grand Essence Great Meet entailed.

The Grand Essence Great Meet wasn’t only for a spot to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring but also to allocate resources for the major sects. At this moment, he learned that from the Grand Essence Great Meet, three people could enter the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion.

Yan Xishuang looked at Ning Cheng and suddenly spoke up. “Lord Holy Emperor, since four people want to enter the Spirit Technique Pavilion, let me take my nomination back. I choose to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring.”

Even if Yan Xishuang’s eyes only glanced at Ning Cheng, Holy Emperor Extreme Void still understood what Yan Xishuang meant. This woman, most likely, had some connection to this fake Ji He. In other words, her previous choice wasn’t to cause further trouble. But rather to make sure this fake Ji He got the chance to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring.

Ning Cheng also understood this and gratefully nodded towards Yan Xishuang. Unfortunately, the only backing he currently had was an unreliable Star Stepping Tower Master. He didn’t know if she’ll just walk away with her eccentric character? Yan Xishuang most likely wanted to repay the favour from back then, which compelled her to give up the chance to enter the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion.

Otherwise, Yan Xishuang could have easily secured a spot independently of the four people who had come forward.

Sure enough, Ning Cheng felt a slight sense of relief from the black-robed woman standing on the side. It seemed that she didn’t want to stay here for too long.

“The next rounds of the Grand Essence Great meet will continue tomorrow. As for the ten disciples selected to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, please follow me. The other disciples heading to the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion, follow Holy Emperor Treasured Ice…..“

While Holy Emperor Extreme Void said that, he raised his hand and brought out an airship-type weapon. The next moment, the selected people travelling to the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring flew up. Then with a respectful bow, they landed on Holy Emperor Extreme Void’s airship.

Ning Cheng quickly thanked the black-robed woman with cupped fists, “Many thanks, Senior. Unfortunately, this junior will be leaving first.”

The black-robed woman nodded to Ning Cheng, “Don’t worry about the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring; I promise that I will not let anything happen to you.”

Ning Cheng didn’t doubt the black-robed woman’s words as Man Huishan didn’t make a single move. Moreover, even after Holy Emperor Extreme Void’s airship took off, Man Huishan didn’t dare to intercept it midway.

Because of this, Ning Cheng also felt grateful towards Holy Emperor Extreme Void. Ning Cheng and this old man had nothing to do with each other, nor did Holy Emperor Extreme Void make any promises to Ning Cheng. Yet, this old man had helped him at every step. Although this help was just a trivial one, it was truly an important one for Ning Cheng.

After the airship took off, Holy Emperor Extreme Void didn’t show up again. However, after the airship took off, the ten people here, no one felt willing enough to speak a few words. As such, the airship remained silent for a long time.

“Ji He, you don’t have to worry. Holy Emperor Barbarian Dragon wouldn’t dare to intercept Holy Emperor Extreme Void’s airship. He also wouldn’t dare to come to the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring.” Yan Xishuang finally took the initiative to talk to Ning Cheng after a long time.

Ning Cheng spoke up with a heartfelt tone, “Many thanks, Senior Apprentice Sister Yan. If you feel that there is a need for me in the future, please feel free to call upon me.”

Yan Xishuang showed a slight smile, “You’ve already helped me quite a bit. If you hadn’t helped me back then, even if I could have escaped, I’m afraid I couldn’t have participated in this year’s Grand Essence Great Meet. By the way, when the real fight starts, you should pay particular attention to Guo Haoge. He seems to harbour a particular hatred for you.”

“The real fight?” Ning Cheng asked in doubt. “Didn’t we already go through several matches?”

Yan Xishuang shook her head, “We just received the qualifications to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. The real fight happens after selecting the top ten. Every time the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring opens, only a few among those top ten will actually get to enter it. It’s nothing surprising and happens every time. Still, you need to be careful.”

After saying that, Yan Xishuang picked a spot and sat down, no longer willing to talk.

Ning Cheng also didn’t bother to ask about it. He didn’t even know about the Grand Essence Spirit Technique Pavilion. Suppose it wasn’t for Yan Xishuang’s reminder. How would he have known that the actual fight would start after receiving the qualifications to enter the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring?

Like Yan Xishuang decided to rest and bring herself to the peak state, the others were also doing the same. But, since Yan Xishuang said he’ll have to fight later, then let the fight begin. Whether he had to fight before or after entering the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, he wasn’t afraid of anyone here.

Not to mention Guo Haoge, even if he had to go up against Lu Yixian and Yin Ying, so what?

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