Chapter 0907

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Chapter 0907: Beginning of the fight

As the airship gradually gained speed, Ning Cheng realised this its speed far exceeded the maximum current speed of his Starry Sky Wheel.

After a full two days of flying, the airship finally stopped. Ning Cheng followed the crowd out of the airship only to find that they had stopped somewhere in the middle of the void.

Ning Cheng had refined any Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills during the two days inside the airship’s cabin. Therefore, he left two bottles of Empyrean Consciousness Transmutation Pills in his chamber with the intent of giving them to Holy Emperor Extreme Void.

After some time, Holy Emperor Extreme Void finally walked off the airship. “Wait for me to open the forbidden array here, after which you can go in and teleport to the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring.”

After that, Holy Emperor Extreme Void pulled two jade cards out of the void and used his other hand to tap on them a few times. Then, a door suddenly appeared in the void in front of everyone. The many people then thanked Holy Emperor Extreme Void and quickly walked into the void door.

After also thanking Holy Emperor Extreme Void and just before stepping into the void door, Ning Cheng received a message. “Little fellow, thank you for the two pill bottles. Remember to take care of the girl who gave up her chance at the Spirit Technique Pavilion for you. People should know how to be grateful.”

By the time he finished those words, Ning Cheng’s figure had already passed through the void door. Nevertheless, whether or not Holy Emperor Extreme Void genuinely wanted to help him or not, Ning Cheng truly felt grateful towards him.

After entering the void door, a long void corridor appeared in front of everyone. All the Eternal experts here behaved politely on Holy Emperor Extreme Void’s airship out of fear and respect for him. However, almost everyone had a hint of sharp killing intent towards each other here.

As for Guo Haoge’s killing intent towards Ning Cheng, everyone could feel it even on the airship. Therefore, he didn’t even bother to hide it anymore.

The void corridor spanned a considerable length. But the ten people reached a void transmission array within half an hour of walking.

The array looked like someone had drawn floating lines in the void, but Ning Cheng understood with a glance that it was just an auxiliary effect of the core array. As for the actual transmission array, he couldn’t even find the slightest hint of it.

Ning Cheng saw the rest of the cultivators rushing into the transfer array and also rushed up to it. The transfer array had ten huge grooves. Each cultivator quickly took out 10,000 spirit crystals and placed them in one of the grooves. Seeing this, Ning Cheng took out 10,000 spirit crystals and put them in the groove nearest to him.

After the last of the 100,000 spirit crystals entered the grooves, the transfer array issued a sharp buzzing sound, and a wave of white light emerged from the end of the void corridor from where they entered. A moment later, the white light surrounded and submerged them within it. Everyone suddenly felt as if they had grown weightless. However, before they could even react, everyone got teleported away.

As a burst of dizziness erupted in his mind, it forced Ning Cheng to quickly wake up. He found himself standing on a square platform perched on top of a boulder. The platform covered about a thousand square feet in area, but he found no traces of a teleportation array here.

Ning Cheng had a relatively deep understanding of array formations. As such, he knew that constructing a concealed long-distance teleportation array was the most challenging thing to accomplish.

But feeling the rich spirit qi in the air, Ning Cheng couldn’t help but put aside these thoughts and took in a deep breath. The spirit qi in this place was not just rich. It was also the purest spirit qi Ning Cheng had ever sensed till now. Even if Ning Cheng hadn’t started cultivating. He could already feel that cultivating this place would produce much better results than spirit crystals or medicinal pills.

Moreover, this was just the periphery. Once Ning Cheng entered the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring, how powerful would the spirit qi there be? Ning Cheng finally started to understand why the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring had so much fame attached to it.

At the end of the stone platform, he saw ten stone doors. Ning Cheng didn’t have a good understanding of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. But he guessed that these ten stone doors should be the different entrances to the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring.

Ning Cheng quickly realised that the ten stone doors weren’t the same. The first stone door on the left had the most concentrated spirit qi, which then thinned out as he moved from the left-most door to the right-most door. The tenth stone door had the weakest concentration of spirit qi.

The middle of each stone door contained a groove. Ning Cheng didn’t have to guess and understood that this groove was for the entrant’s qualification card. If one wanted to enter through the stone door, one had to put their qualification card in that groove.

After understanding these points, Ning Cheng immediately wanted to head towards the first stone door on the left. But he then immediately stopped himself because he saw no one move. According to reason, everyone should be scrambling to grab one of the stone doors, so why were they all acting so disciplined right now?

Yan Xishuang’s voice transmission arrived in a timely fashion. “Ji He, these ten stone doors lead to different springs within the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. The first stone door on the left will take you to the origin spring of the Extraterritorial Spirit Spring. It’s the best spot out of all the spirit springs here and has the highest concentration of spirit aura. Simply put, that place will never run out of spirit aura. No matter how deep your celestial essence foundation is, you wouldn’t be able to consume all of the spirit aura in that spring.”

“Lu Yixian should be eyeing that stone door, which means you shouldn’t compete for it. Starting from that door, the spirit spring’s spirit aura concentration gradually weakens as you move through the other nine doors. Each of these nine doors contains a separate spirit spring eye, but they will get used up over time. However, even the weakest door has enough spirit aura to complete the spirit essence conversion. But, if it’s not enough, you can use some spirit crystals to supplement it instead.”

“Only ten people get selected to enter this place. But only after the ten qualifying jade cards are put in the groves would these ten stone doors open simultaneously. So every time the stone doors open, there will always be a fight to determine who gets to enter which door. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend choosing the top three stone doors. I would suggest that you wait till Guo Haoge chooses his before choosing yours.”

“I choose the first one.” Lu Yixian spoke up with an icy and overbearing tone just when Yan Xishuan’s words ended. He even walked up and stood right in front of the first stone door.

Aiden showed a warm smile and spoke up, “I’m sorry, but I’ll be picking the first one.”

Yin Ying brought out her golden book and stared coldly at Lu Yixian and Aiden. Apparently, she also wanted to pick the first stone door. Only the first stone door was worthy for her to complete the transformation. Besides, even if she declared it, she understood that she wouldn’t get to keep it without a fight.

“I choose the second stone door.” A pale white-skinned woman came forward and stood in front of the second stone door.

Ning Cheng felt slightly surprised. He naturally knew this woman, Zhongmeng Yuxiu of Grand Essence Sea’s Profound Aquatic Palace. He had even seen Zhongmeng Yuxiu’s fights. Although this woman wasn’t counted among the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children, her strength should be at least on the same level as Ji Pingzhong.

But Ning Cheng didn’t believe that she could occupy the second stone door. Ning Cheng had not yet fully seen Yin Ying or Lu Yixian’s strength, but he still felt that Zhongmeng Yuxiu couldn’t compete against either of them. Moreover, there was still Aiden. His strength didn’t lose out to either Yin Ying or Lu Yixian.

As for why Ning Cheng made such a conclusion, it’s because he had already set his sights on the first stone door. Since Ning Cheng already set his eye on the first stone door, the others naturally would have to move onto the other stone doors, whether they liked it or not.

Sure enough, after Zhongmeng Yuxiu selected the second stone door, no one came up to fight her.

“I chose the fourth stone door.” Mu Shuifeng spoke up.

Although Mu Shuifeng wasn’t among the Grand Essence 12 Sacred Children, Ning Cheng believed that he had a high chance of securing the fourth stone door for himself.

“I also chose the fourth stone door.” This time, Yan Xishuang spoke up. Since two people chose the exact stone door, it meant that a fight was inevitable.

Seeing Ning Cheng not making a choice, Yan Xishuang sent him another voice message. “Ji He, if you end up in a fight after choosing a stone door, don’t try to reserve your strength. Otherwise, you’ll end up dying.”

Yan Xishuang truly felt a bit worried about Ning Cheng. If someone lost, there was a good chance they might come back to choose Ning Cheng’s door. At that time, Ning Cheng might die. It especially rang true as Ning Cheng was just a rogue cultivator, which meant that he had no backing.

9-Revolving Sacred Dao Pond’s Shui Yueke seemed to have understood that she had limited power in this place. So she decided to take the sixth stone door. No one had chosen the fifth stone door yet, but at least now, no one else would choose to compete with her for the sixth stone door. At least not immediately.

Guo Haoge and Ji Pingzhong didn’t choose a stone door. Instead, their killing desire grew more and more concentrated and directed towards Ning Cheng.

Guo Haoge always kept a cold stare at Ning Cheng, and Ning Cheng also understood what he meant by it. That is, he’s waiting for him to choose a stone door and then come up to challenge him. Once Guo Haoge took Ning Cheng out of the race, he could freely select another stone door.

Ning Cheng simply spoke with neither high nor low tone, “I choose the first stone door.”

Everyone felt shocked by Ning Cheng’s choice. Even Yan Xishuang couldn’t believe what she heard as she shot a surprised look at Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng already had a great enmity with Guo Haoge, but he even picked a fight with Lu Yixian and Yin Ying.

Lu Yixian coldly looked over at Ning Cheng and spoke up with a light tone, “You’ve got guts. But you’re using the wrong method. Choosing this stone door will only lead to your death.”

When Lu Yixian finished, everyone ‘understood’ the meaning behind Ning Cheng’s actions. Ning Cheng selecting the first stone door most likely was to deal with Guo Haoge, who wanted to kill him. If that was the case, then his calculations were wrong. Just because you picked a door, it wouldn’t mean that others would simply let you have it. Plus, they also wouldn’t allow you to re-select another stone door without a fight. Not even if you decided to throw in extra benefits.

Guo Haoge and Ji Pingzhong also ‘understood’ Ning Cheng’s intent. So they both sneered and said, “Pardon the intrusion then, I’ll choose the first stone door.”

After that, Guo Haoge cupped his first at Lu Yixian and Yin Ying, “The two of you, I will only go through one round at most, and then probably go through a re-selection.”

Lu Yixian and Yin Ying remained calm. The two paid no attention to Guo Haoge, as they already knew that Guo Haoge planned to kill Ning Cheng. Although Guo Haoge was also one of the Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children like the two of them, their statuses were too far apart for them to care about his actions.

Guo Haoge turned his head to Ji Pingzhong, who already looked eager to jump in and give it a shot, and spoke up, “Brother Ji, if some trash manages to get past me, you can help get rid of it.”

It was not just to give some face to Ji Pingzhong but also to take care of the worst-case scenario. In case he couldn’t kill Ning Cheng, Ji Pingzhong could continue to toy with Ning Cheng. At that point, even if Ning Cheng selected the tenth stone door, Ji Pingzhong would come forward to cause trouble.

Lu Yixian simply ignored the personal grievances between Ning Cheng and Guo Haoge. Instead, he looked quietly at Yin Ying and Aiden. “Which one of you wants to go first?”

Aiden showed a warm, almost compassionate smile and swayed his hand a bit. Then, suddenly, a strand of black smoke surrounded him, “Let me try first. I guess it’s my good luck to get some pointers from the most powerful of Grand Essence’s 12 Sacred Children.”

As Lu Yixian and Aiden started to fight, Guo Haoge’s domain rushed towards Ning Cheng. He raised his hand and waved it, causing five azure-lotus tipped nails to appear out of thin air and surround Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng revealed a cold smile and brought out a middle-rank spirit artefact, a long spear. At the same time, he unleashed his domain too and pushed it out without any reservations towards Guo Haoge. Ning Cheng had nothing to hide in this place. Moreover, even without using the Seven Bridges Spirit Technique, he could kill Guo Haoge without much effort.

So what if he was a sacred child from River Luo Sacred Sect? He even killed Barbarian Dragon Clan’s Man Jiuren. It didn’t matter to him if he added a Guo Haoge to the list. Besides, Guo Haoge had already pointed his weapons at him with the intent to kill. Ning Cheng, in any case, wasn’t someone who repaid malice with virtue. If someone wanted to kill him, he would always hit back with his fists.

Guo Haoge never placed Ning Cheng in his eyes. Besides, he had also seen Ning Cheng fights. Therefore, in his opinion, he could kill Ning Cheng in just half-an-incense stick worth of time.

However, when Ning Cheng’s domain came crashing down on him, he discovered that this domain, which should have bound Ning Cheng, couldn’t even get close to him. Not only could it not match Ning Cheng’s domain in strength, but Ning Cheng’s domain crushed his domain without any effort.

Not good. Ji He didn’t use his full strength in the great meet. Guo Haoge instantly understood. Cold sweat started streaming down Guo Haoge’s back. He immediately ignited his essence blood to boost his five azure-lotus tipped nail. He wanted to quickly break free from Ning Cheng’s domain suppression.

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