Chapter 0942

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Chapter 0942: If you don’t prove this dao, die-die-die

“Boom….” Shocking red pillars of flame erupted from the depths of the Black and White Mountains, followed by bursts of powerful spacial fluctuations.

The gold-robed man, who just spoke to the brocade-robed man called Brother Xiong, didn’t talk anymore. The next instant, they both sped up and rushed towards the source of those fluctuations.

It wasn’t just one fire pillar that had erupted, but ten. It had to do with the pill furnace; it might even be the furnace’s pill fire. Just think about it, how could a pill flame used by a pill sage be anything but extraordinary? If it indeed was the pill flame, wasting time here would be of no use.


As Ruo Xi mentioned, although Ning Cheng appeared unconscious and didn’t breathe, he hadn’t fallen. Rather, his essence spirit remained in suspended animation within his purple palace. Moreover, his Sea of Consciousness also did not explode. Rather, the Burst Spirit Pill actually helped it expand even more.

The truth was, if Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness hadn’t grown so tough during his cultivation, the Burst Spirit Pill would have completely ruined it in an instant. At that point, he couldn’t have even burned his essence blood or his longevity.

What kind of cultivators could take the Burst Spirit Pill? The minimum cultivation level required was at least the Dao Sculpting Realm. What cultivation level was Ning Cheng at? Even after experiencing a perfect transformation of his celestial essence, he was still, in essence, an Eternal cultivator.

Ning Cheng’s essence spirit sat in suspended animation within his vast and still expanding Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness. At the same time, the Mysterious Yellow Bead continuously overflowed with Mysterious Yellow Origin, nourishing his broken meridians and damaged spirit roots. Even his essence blood and longevity were slowly recovering under the Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura’s healing effects.

However, his Sea of Consciousness was still in mid-expansion and hadn’t calmed down yet. It preserved Ning Cheng’s essence spirit from collapsing and allowed it to have a place to stay. Unfortunately, it couldn’t help Ning Cheng sober up entirely. On the contrary, his Sea of Consciousness siphoned off a significant portion of the overflowing Mysterious Yellow Origin Aura, so much so that Ning Cheng still couldn’t wake up after a long time.

If Ning Cheng could heal, he would naturally not hesitate to use all of the Origin Aura to nourish his broken meridians. Unfortunately, Ning Cheng doesn’t have conscious control over himself right now. He only had a vague sense of consciousness, obscured by a layer of mist that prevented him from observing his current situation clearly.

Ning Cheng’s Mysterious Yellow Origin had four of the heaven and earth origin auras. Therefore, after a few years of repairing and nourishing Ning Cheng, the damage caused by Burst Spirit Pill had gradually started to recede.

His meridians had started to recover….

His spirit roots had started to recover…..

Ning Cheng’s consciousness also started to clear up. A vague dao intent also gradually began to form around his essence spirit.

The Mysterious Yellow returns to origin; the origin condenses the cultivation method. The cultivation method gives birth to spirit techniques, and the spirit techniques derive the Grand Dao!

Grand Dao began to form, and dao charms gradually started to take shape.

My Dao, it relies on Mysterious Yellow Formless!

My Dao, it relies on the Origin of Creation!

My Dao, it is the Dao of Creation!

My Dao, it is the Dao of Origin!

If I have such a supreme opportunity, why should I worry about not reaching the Grand Dao? I do not need to seek dao fruits to shape my dao, and I do not need to suffer all these hardships to shape my dao. My dao resonates with the Mysterious Yellow and all the heavens and the earth with life.

Shape my dao through Mysterious Yellow, coalesce this dao charm, and my dao will be complete!

“Attached to the Mysterious Yellow, yin and yang intersect, myriad things mix and weave together, losing one’s nature….”

“Start shaping the Dao, vow to start shaping the Dao! Vow to start shaping the Dao!! VOW TO START SHAPING THE DAO!!!”

A call that seemed to originate from the underworld echoed in Ning Cheng’s vast and boundless Sea of Consciousness. If Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness wasn’t so vast and infinite, Ning Cheng would have been unable to withstand this otherworldly call within his consciousness. He would have given in a long time ago.

However, his essence spirit sitting within his Sea of Consciousness vaguely realised something. That is, as long as he stood up now and followed this call and took the vow, this dao intent would become a reality. As long as his dao intent formed, the next moment, he could reconnect with his spiritual consciousness and regain his entire consciousness.

But even though Ning Cheng’s consciousness was in the midst of chaos and not fully awake, Ning Cheng still felt that something was wrong with those vows. He wanted to reach Dao Sculpting by shaping his own dao, not through such a vow. What’s more, this vow even gave him an uncomfortable thought.

That is, if he took this vow, he would forever be dependent on the Mysterious Yellow Bead. In any case, the Origin of Creation also existed because of it. But since when had he become dependent on the Mysterious Yellow Bead and on its Origin of Creation?

What about the dao he gained enlightenment on his own, the Dao of Returning to One? The Mysterious Yellow Bead was the one that had attached to him and not the other way round. At best, it only provided him with some cultivation assistance, everything else he had derived independently. Yet, at this time, it was directly interfering with proving his dao. What did this mean?

Unfortunately, Ning Cheng’s spirit sense was still too weak, and his consciousness was still too chaotic at this time. As such, this kind of autonomous enlightenment only provided some little resistance.

He knew that as long as he swore with his essence spirit, he could immediately wake up as a Dao Sculpting powerhouse. But Ning Cheng somehow managed to forcibly hold back. This wasn’t the dao he wanted, nor was it ‘his’ dao. Not only that, but he also vaguely sensed a hint of something wrong with it. There was something wrong with the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Right at this moment, another call emerged that seemed to come from the depths of his soul. Ning Cheng immediately felt a life-ending sense from it.

“If you don’t prove this dao, you will eventually become an ant!”

“If you don’t prove this dao, you will die without a chance of rebirth!”

“If you don’t prove this dao, die-die-die…….”


Ning Cheng’s essence spirit sat frozen in his Sea of Consciousness. However, one could still see it slightly trembling. Even if more life-threatening dangers came his way, he didn’t want to attain this kind of dao. This dao was very different from the dao he wanted and didn’t even give him any semblance of connection or passion. Instead, he only sensed that it was full of death.

No, this is not my dao. Threatening me with death? Don’t blame me for this is not my dao; I will not compromise or lower myself for it!

The Mysterious Yellow Bead belongs to me, and its existence also depends on me. The Origin of Creation might originate from the Mysterious Yellow Bead. But the remaining Origin Beads were all gathered by me. These origins already belong to me, so how could I ‘let’ myself rely on these items to prove my Dao?

My dao, I will condense it by myself!

My dao, it’s the only one in heaven and earth!

My dao, it’s not attached to any external object!



Ning Cheng’s mind remained steadfast, and those words mysteriously started to power up his soul and heart. His soul grew stronger and stronger with each passing moment, while his thoughts grew more and more stubborn. Even if he didn’t attain this dao, he would never obtain any other dao that went against this dao in his heart, even if he were to die.

Even if his consciousness was in chaos, even if his essence spirit was being swayed. He would never take that vow that made him dependent on Mysterious Yellow or anything else.

“Boom…..” A raging power exploded in Ning Cheng’s Mysterious Yellow Bead, shaking Ning Cheng’s purple mansion with a violent roar.

Ning Cheng’s body trembled for a moment, and his essence spirit started growing weaker.

At this moment, Ning Cheng couldn’t release his spirit sense, but the consciousness of Ning Cheng’s essence spirit turned even clearer. Ning Cheng, whose consciousness was still in a chaotic blur, was unwilling to prove that dao through such an oath. Therefore, this explosion sobered him up and made his will even firmer.

He couldn’t release his spiritual consciousness outwardly. But at this moment, his consciousness had complete control of his purple mansion and Sea of Consciousness. Therefore, Ning Cheng no longer cared that he only had half a Wood Origin Bead. He immediately threw the half Wood Origin Bead into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

A power that he couldn’t control suddenly manifested in the Mysterious Yellow Bead. If not for his strong willpower, he would have almost followed that oath from before and attached himself to the Mysterious Yellow Bead to prove his dao.

As soon as the Wood Origin Bead landed in the Mysterious Yellow Bead, endless Wood Origin Aura spread out. This wood origin aura coalesced with the rest of the origin auras and instantly transformed into unlimited verdant colours.

Initially, the Mysterious Yellow Bead looked subdued, but it instantly took on additional colours after the wood origin’s transformation.

The mountains were no longer a dull yellow colour and the ground also no longer was a hazy shade of yellow.

The ground’s colour started to turn into its natural brown hue, the mountains began to grow verdant, breezes began to form, and the seas began to roar…..

It was as if spring had suddenly arrived and the whole world transformed into something magical. The five elements started to come together and gave birth to all kinds of life. Even his severely injured spirit roots had begun to recover even more rapidly. Perhaps in the next moment, he would be able to open his eyes and once again gain a lively aura.

Ning Cheng felt shocked as he felt everything through his spirit sense. He never expected the Wood Origin Bead to condense such a complete Mysterious Yellow World even when incomplete.

Every corner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead became overly explicit in his consciousness. He could now see and observe every speck of dirt within it through his spirit sense.

A strand of consciousness also started to condense within the depths of his soul. Was this the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s complete acquiescence in recognising him as its master? He carefully observed it but didn’t sense anything wrong with it.

But then, in the next moment, he clearly understood the function of the entire Mysterious Yellow Bead. Even if he took it out and held it in his hand, no one would recognise it as the Mysterious Yellow Bead. The Mysterious Yellow Aura had now fully merged into the Mysterious Yellow Bead and no longer spilt out.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead had begun to form a world, an entirely new world that never existed before today. Ning Cheng could feel that in the Mysterious Yellow Bead, a sun, a few moons and plenty of stars had also started forming. It wasn’t an imitation, but a real sun, real moons, and real stars.

Similarly, he knew that at this moment, he could now plant any spiritual grasses and place anything within the Mysterious Yellow Bead. He no longer needed to set up the Minor Five-Elements Formation.

However, the only thing he couldn’t do was bring living beings like him into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. In other words, he could bring in everything except people into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. It was mainly because the Mysterious Yellow Bead was still missing a part of Wood Origin Bead. It prevented it from becoming complete.

Ning Cheng suddenly thought of the voice that had compelled and even threatened him with death to prove his dao. The Mysterious Yellow Bead was a Good Fortune Treasure, so how could it have such a will in it?

When Ning Cheng thought of this, his spirit sense spread throughout the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Almost the instant Ning Cheng moved his spirit sense, he found a wisp of spirit soul in a remote corner of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. The spirit soul looked like it would collapse at any moment, yet it still stared at Ning Cheng with a deathly glare through a pair of cloudy eyes. It looked like it wanted to swallow Ning Cheng in one gulp and eat him up.

Ning Cheng’s essence spirit winced. He never imagined that another spirit soul could exist in his Mysterious Yellow Bead apart from him.

From the looks of it, it was this spirit soul that wanted to sway him to prove that dao just now. The Mysterious Yellow Bead was a Good Fortune Treasure, so it naturally wouldn’t compel him. Which meant that this spirit soul most likely belonged to one of the previous owners of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. This fellow had clearly fallen, yet he still had a trace of his consciousness left in the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

If he listened to those words and attached himself to the Mysterious Yellow Bead to prove his dao. In the future, even if he took control of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he would still be a servant under that fellow.

Ning Cheng’s essence spirit couldn’t help but break out in cold sweats as he thought of this possibility. What he did just now was a little too dangerous. If not for his willpower, and if this spirit soul wasn’t so weak, his efforts up to this day would have been nothing more than a dowry for others.

When Ning Cheng figured this out, he became furious to the extreme and an order reverberated within his True Spirit World, “Chasing Bull, come out and swallow this trash soul for me.”

Chasing Bull originally was just an essence spirit, and it loved to devour other souls. Only later on did it obtain the body of a Wind Seeking Heavenly Bull. As such, it no longer chose to eat souls using his essence spirit, but mainly because there were no delicious souls to devour. Since this wisp of spirit soul resided in the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was bound to be extraordinary. Even if it was just a wisp of the actual spirit soul, it was still delicious enough for Chasing Bull to have a good time.

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