Chapter 0943

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Chapter 0943: The remnant soul in Mysterious Yellow Bead

With Ning Cheng’s consciousness in a state of chaos, Chasing Bull couldn’t get Ning Cheng’s permission to come outside. He had no choice but to stay in fear within the True Spirit World as he didn’t know what happened to Ning Cheng or if Ning Cheng could survive.

Chasing Bull had followed Ning Cheng for a long time. He naturally knew Ning Cheng’s True Spirit World sat within a Minor 5-Elements Formation inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead. If Ning Cheng didn’t reinforce the Minor 5-Elements Formation every few years, the True Spirit World would eventually get refined into nothingness by the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Still living in fear, Chasing Bull suddenly received Ning Cheng’s order. He didn’t even give it a single thought and immediately rushed out of the True Spirit World. Even if Chasing Bull had poor cultivation, he quickly realised that the laws in the ‘world’ he appeared in were countless times more powerful than the True Spirit World.

Yes, this is the Mysterious Yellow World. The fact that he had appeared in the Mysterious Yellow World without anything happening to him meant that his master had completed the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

“Stupid cow, still not devouring that garbage spirit soul.” Seeing Chasing Bull stunned and looking dumb, Ning Cheng bellowed angrily.

Even if this wisp of spirit soul within the Mysterious Yellow Bead had no strength, Ning Cheng would never remain comfortable as long as it remained within the bead.

It was as if an outsider hid in his home. It would be a strange thing if he could live comfortably with that knowledge in mind. What’s more, this soul sliver had grasped the most opportune time, invading his consciousness at his weakest moment. It even tried to force him to shape a Dao that wasn’t suitable for him. If not for the current situation, even if this remnant soul was ten thousand times stronger, he could have destroyed it at will.

Plus, not only did this soul sliver grasp the most opportune timing, even its concealing skill was beyond the reach of ordinary people. This soul sliver could have finished him off in the Mysterious Yellow Bead when his cultivation was still shallow, and there would have been nothing he could do.

If he let this soul sliver live, Ning Cheng would never be able to sleep in peace. Plus, he could vaguely perceive that this soul sliver came from a mighty expert, so powerful that he couldn’t even imagine.

If Ning Cheng had known that this half Wood Origin Bead could make the Mysterious Yellow Bead fully recognise him as its master, he would have thrown it in a long time ago.

Chasing Bull received Ning Cheng’s order and hurriedly said, “Yes, master. I will immediately go and eat this tonic.”

Even though Ning Cheng was so weak that he couldn’t even take control of his body. His essence spirit could still control the Mysterious Yellow Bead. On the other hand, the remnant soul was countless times weaker than Ning Cheng’s essence spirit, now that the bead had fully recognised him as its master. As such, it had no power to resist in Ning Cheng’s territory at all.

“Wait-wait….. I have a great opportunity to tell you. It doesn’t matter if you kill me, but I have to tell you about this opportunity before you kill me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel at ease even if I died. This opportunity would allow you to become the master of this universe. Even your favoured beast will be able to dominate all the sacred beasts in the world….” The soul sliver screamed out as Chasing Bull rushed towards it to devour it.

Without even opening his mouth, Chasing Bull stopped. Then, he glanced at Ning Cheng with a questioning expression. This broken soul’s words had truly tempted him and made him hesitate to devour it.

Ning Cheng swept an expressionless glance at Chasing Bull and said in a faint voice, “You can retreat.”

Chasing Bull retreated with joy. Even he couldn’t help but feel admiration about his wise choice of stopping. Moreover, his master also seemed interested in this grand opportunity just as much as he did.

After Chasing Bull retreated, Ning Cheng’s essence spirit suddenly appeared in front of this remnant soul.

This remnant soul had a look in its eyes that seemed to want to recount many things. It even opened its mouth slightly, waiting for Ning Cheng to ask about it.

However, Ning Cheng didn’t ask anything, and he didn’t even say anything. Instead, he opened his mouth and spat out a flame.

As soon as the Celestial River Flame appeared, it instantly wrapped up this remnant soul. The next moment, a harsh, shill cry emerged. The remnant soul burned into flying ash under Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame and dissipated without a trace.

Ning Cheng’s entire consciousness cleared up the moment this soul wisp dispersed. In fact, his consciousness became even more perceptive. Everything had finally come under control, and he no longer had any blind spots within his consciousness.

Ning Cheng let out a soft sigh as he guessed a few things after killing the remnant soul. When he was in the Mysterious Yellow Starland, he had gone to the Sacred Light Mountain, where he encountered a voice that tried to force him to worship it. After the failed attempt, a giant golden hand had appeared, almost managing to finish him off.

Fortunately, he managed to repel that giant golden hand with the help of the hope-powered jade seal. Once the golden hand disappeared, the owner of the golden hand left behind a few threatening words, “I will return to take the Mysterious Yellow Bead. An ant like you isn’t worthy of possessing such treasures…..”

This remnant soul in his Mysterious Yellow Bead gave him the same feeling as the owner of that giant golden hand. That bastard wasn’t only a ruthless person but also someone with a cunning mind. If his injuries were a bit worse or if he still waited to find the other half of the Wood Origin Bead to perfect the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he might have been screwed.

Most likely, that wisp of remnant soul had awakened after that encounter at the Mysterious Yellow Sacred Temple or was planted inside it at that time. It hadn’t been long since then, but it had already grown powerful enough to interfere with his Dao enlightenment. If he gave this remnant soul some more time, how far would it have developed? The Mysterious Yellow Bead was his. So, even after he got severely injured, his essence spirit would automatically start to heal under the effects of the Mysterious Yellow Bead. But with such a ticking time bomb around inside of him, Ning Cheng would have no idea when it would explode and consume him.

But, more importantly, this person was able to hide a wisp of remnant soul in the Mysterious Yellow Bead without the notice of its master. It showed how terrifying this person’s mind and methods were. Fortunately, the difference in strength within his consciousness was simply too significant, allowing him to have the last laugh. As for having this wisp of a remnant soul speak about that great opportunity, Ning Cheng didn’t even think about it. If there truly was such a shockingly great opportunity, he believed that this remnant soul would not tell him about it in detail.

He had played this kind of delaying tactic far too many times in his life, so how could he fall for it? Whether there was one or not, he would have never given this residual soul the chance to speak.

After killing this wisp of residual soul, Ning Cheng let out a long breath. He now felt finally free of that vague worry that something was wrong.

“Master…..” Chasing Bull cried out a little fearfully when it saw Ning Cheng use the Celestial River to destroy that wisp of remnant soul without even asking. He had decided to stop and seek the opinion of his master and had never thought that it would make him so angry. Otherwise, how could he have given up on the chance to devour such a high-quality soul?

Ning Cheng swept a glance at Chasing Bull and said in a light one, “I will erase your consciousness and memories about me and this place. You can go out and survive on your own. I’d rather not raise a beast like you anyway, so let’s just get it over with.”

As soon as Chasing Bull heard Ning Cheng’s words, he knew that he was finished. He understood that his master was a careful person and that he truly was angry with his actions. Without even thinking about it, he knelt down and cried with a snotty nose and tear-filled eyes, “Master, please forgive me this time. I will even eat shit if master asks me to at any time. I won’t hesitate for even half a second. I will never be confused by the words of shit that others say and will definitely take master’s words as the heavenly truth.”

Ning Cheng gave a cold snort, “If I didn’t still have some ability, I might have been sold out by you and that remnant soul in conjunction. Do you think I didn’t hear what that remnant soul said? If I really didn’t want you to eat that remnant soul, would I have told you to come out only to stop you? Idiot.”

Chasing Bull kept nodding his head, not daring to speak up for even half a second.

“Get yourself a rope and tie your hooves. You’re grounded for three months. Next time, I won’t let it slide and will kill you immediately.” Ning Cheng rebuked.

When Chasing Bull heard Ning Cheng not chasing him away, he immediately made many incessant promises. He even kept vigorously nodding his head.

“I’m going to start recovering my meridians, fusing my Sea of Consciousness, and restoring my essence spirit. Clean up the things here.” Ning Cheng grunted and turned away.

The truth was, there was a more important reason why he didn’t allow Chasing Bull to devour that wisp of remnant soul. He simply didn’t want Chasing Bull to eat that remnant soul. It wasn’t just because Ning Cheng was scared of the remnant soul. But he was very much afraid of one particular scenario. That is, instead of finishing off the other party, he might just end up helping that remnant soul take over Chasing Bull’s body.

It was also precisely because of this fear that Ning Cheng used the Celestial River to finish that remnant soul.

“Huh, master, there is a dead tree here. No, this tree isn’t dead…..” Chasing Bull’s surprised voice sounded out before Ning Cheng’s essence spirit walked back to the purple mansion.

As soon as Chasing Bull said that, Ning Cheng quickly zoomed in on that huge ancient tree. This old tree had fallen diagonally on the ground. Half its visible body had already withered, while most of its remaining half was buried. If one didn’t pay close attention while looking at it, this ancient tree wouldn’t stand out at all. However, once he started looking at it closely, Ning Cheng felt a powerful dao rhythm coming from this withering ancient tree.

Ning Cheng had obtained a dao fruit tree before. But compared to that tree, didn’t the dao rhythm of this ancient tree feel ten thousand times more powerful?

Ning Cheng instantly understood that this tree was already present in the Mysterious Yellow Bead before it came to him. Ning Cheng turned to Chasing Bull, who stood quietly at one side, “You’re responsible for planting this tree up again. As for your punishment, I’ll put it off for now. If you behave well, I will forget about it; if not, I will double it.” 

“Yes, master.” Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Chasing Bull felt delighted. Initially, just the thought of being tied to a spot for three months made him shudder. Now, he had casually stumbled upon a tree, and master had removed the punishment for the time being. He had to behave in a way that left master speechless; that was the only way he could escape from that three months of torment.


The moment Ning Cheng burned a wisp of his remnant soul, deep within a mountain range countless planes away from the Grand Essence Realm, an angry screech rang out. “A little gnat dares to burn my remnant soul, I will never let you go, ah……”

However, Ning Cheng didn’t know any of this. It had nothing to do with him anymore. At this moment, he once again sat gazing at his Sea of Consciousness, restoring his meridians and fusing his essence spirit back together. He now had a clear consciousness, and although he still couldn’t release his spirit sense outwards, he could still use it to bolster his recovery. At the very least, he could now heal several dozen times faster than before.


Deep within the Black and White Mountain Range, pillars of fire kept exploding out from the ground, each reaching ten thousand feet in height. One could see several strong people surrounding these pillars of fire. Several more experts could also be seen rushing towards this area from distant locations, adding to the already increasing numbers. However, the flames here were too powerful. As such, no matter who came over, whether ordinary cultivators or holy emperors, they could only gather around and watch.

“This is a top-level heavenly flame, definitely left behind by that pill sage from back then.” Someone in the crowd pointed to the flames and said.

“Do you even need to say that? There’s still a faint pill fragrance within this flame; everyone can tell that it’s a pill flame left behind by that pill sage.” Someone immediately responded with disdain.

“Fragrance? Heavenly Fragrance….. That woman……” A man in brocade robes murmured subconsciously after hearing about the pill fragrance. Suddenly, he seemed to have understood something. He quickly composed himself and instantly rushed out of the crowd, frantically rushing towards Furnace Sands.

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