Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036: One Punch to blow away Dao Raising

Originally, Ning Cheng didn’t intend to intervene, but after realising that this person was Mo, he immediately changed his mind. From what he could sense, Mo’s cultivation should be equivalent to full-circle Eternal Realm, but the woman riding the horned beast was a middle-stage Dao Sculpting cultivator. No matter how powerful a martial cultivator was, they would have a tough time fighting against a middle-stage Dao Sculpting cultivator with Eternal-level cultivation.

Facing the woman’s voice ordering him to kneel down, Mo remained standing with tightly closed lips. Obviously, he had no intention of complying.

A trace of anger and ridicule flashed through the woman’s eyes, and she again drew the whip down.

If the previous strike was just to let Mo suffer some flesh and blood injuries, then this strike could definitely slice off one of Mo’s arms. A whip strike containing a cultivator’s dao charm was something that an Eternal cultivator couldn’t block. It wouldn’t be strange if the target even died from it.

It’s just that although Mo was just a martial cultivator, he had an extraordinary insight. When he saw the whip come down, he understood he would lose one of his arms. But despite that, he still didn’t move and closed his eyes. Maybe he already knew that he couldn’t escape.

However, there was no sound or the usual sense of pain when the whip fell, forcing Mo to open his eyes in disbelief.

The surrounding cultivators remained silent; no one could even dare speak now. All eyes were fixed on the end of the whip because it didn’t strike its intended target. Rather, someone had grabbed the tail end of the whip before it hit Mo.

A Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor had used the whip with their dao rhythm, yet someone had silently caught it with their hands. How could this be a weak person? This person should be a late-stage Dao Raising Holy Emperor or even higher.

The woman holding the whip also felt shocked. It took her a while to sober up, but instead of using caution, she shouted angrily, “Who are you? How dare you stop me?”

Ning Cheng’s hand shook slightly, and the woman’s whip broke free from her grip and fell into his hand. “Be merciful dao friend. Why be so aggressive?”

“Who are you?” The angry woman finally calmed down and stared at Ning Cheng. At the same time, she controlled the horned beast to take a few steps back as if afraid that Ning Cheng would suddenly attack her.

Ning Cheng gave a calm reply, “Just a rogue cultivator. He is my friend; I don’t know how he offended you, but since this dao friend hasn’t lost anything, why not forget about it?”

When Ning Cheng said he was Mo’s friend and even a rogue cultivator, the woman’s face instantly flared up with anger again. She raised her hand and threw out a red light before saying, “If you don’t get lost within three breaths, you will also die with that ant.”

If Ning Cheng was a disciple of a major faction, she might have given some leeway. But how could she let a rogue cultivator meddle in her affairs?

She naturally didn’t think that Ning Cheng was lying. Any disciple from a sect would never introduce them as a rogue cultivator in such a situation. After all, it pertained to the reputation of the faction.

So in her mind, if Ning Cheng said he was a rogue cultivator, he really was.

Ning Cheng’s expression turned cold, and his hands suddenly closed. The whip taken from the woman’s hand suddenly gave a cracking sound, and a moment later, the whip turned into a pile of crumbs that blew into the street around Ning Cheng.

“If you dare do it again, your head will follow the same fate as your whip.” Ning Cheng’s tone also turned icy cold after his flames finished burning down the whip. Ning Cheng had cultivated for a long time, so he knew there was only one way to deal with an unreasonable cultivator. He had to be even more unreasonable than the other party.

The woman’s heart turned cold, unconsciously sucked in a deep breath. She guessed Ning Cheng was likely a late-stage Dao Raising Holy Emperor, but her whip was at least a mid-grade spirit artefact. Who could turn a middle-grade spirit artefact into ashes in just a moment?

Casually turning a genuine middle-grade spirit artefact into crumbs, only the artificer who crafted it could do so, as they would know its structure like the back of their hand. No, even an artificer who created and knew the structure couldn’t do it this easily. Unfortunately for her, Ning Cheng was also a decent artificer who could craft and destroy middle-grade spirit artefacts. He didn’t need much force to destroy an ordinary middle-grade spirit artefact.

The woman didn’t dare to speak again, while the people around them started to marvel at Ning Cheng’s strength.

“Junior Apprentice Sister Xiuqian, what seems to be the problem here?” Three figures landed beside the woman riding the horned beast. The one who asked was a young man with half-silver and half-red hair.

Beside this man were two women; one with a veil covering her face and a cold demeanour, the other tall but with a head full of silver hair.

What surprised Ning Cheng was that the woman with a veiled face and cold demeanour was someone he knew. She was from the Profound Aquatic Palace. Back then, this woman, with Cen Ruxuan and Zhongmeng Yuxiu, had come to his place and asked him for two Harmony Bodhisattva Pills.

Moreover, she was also the one with the highest cultivation among the three at the early-stage Dao Transformation Realm. Apart from that, the young man with half-silver and half-red hair was at the middle-stage Dao Raising Realm, while the other tall silver-haired woman had the same cultivation as the ‘Junior Apprentice Sister Xiuqian’ riding the horned beast. Both were at the middle-stage Dao Sculpting Realm.

“This man wants to teach me a lesson. He also destroyed my whip.” Seeing these people coming over, the fear of the woman riding the horned beast immediately faded. She flew up and landed in the middle of the three people before pointing at Ning Cheng and speaking.

After hearing what the woman called Xiuqian said, the man with half-red and half-silver stepped forward, clasped his fists towards Ning Cheng and said, “Silver Dragon Clan’s Gong Chi. I wonder why this friend wants to make a move against Profound Aquatic Palace’s Junior Apprentice Xiuqian? Why did you go so far as to destroy her artefact?”

Although Ning Cheng looked like a late-stage Dao Sculpting cultivator, Gong Chi didn’t dare to underestimate him.

These guys were from the Silver Dragon Clan, or at least a few. Ning Cheng knew Silver Dragon Clan’s Gong Hanyu and the silver-haired woman and could even be considered their friend. Yet, as soon as Gong Chi came forward, he reported his and Xiuqian’s origins.

Apart from the Mysterious Ferry Ancient Clan, whose members haven’t been seen for thousands of years, the Silver Dragon Clan and the Profound Aquatic Palace were the most powerful existences in the Grand Essence Sea, second only to the Barbarian Dragon Clan. They were also among the top ten factions in the Grand Essence Domain. Gong Chi said this naturally to let Ning Cheng report his background. They could negotiate if he was also from a major faction.

Truth be told, Gong Chi thought that Ning Cheng didn’t come from an ordinary background. Would someone from an ordinary background dare to meddle in other people’s stuff in Sea Dragon Sacred City? Do you think you’ve lived long enough?

“This matter is all because of me. Please don’t blame this friend for the matter. I had accidentally startled that horned beast when it rushed into me.” Mo, who hadn’t spoken until now, suddenly walked forward and said. How could he not know the power of the Silver Dragon Clan and Profound Aquatic Palace after living in the Sea Dragon Sacred City for a long time? He didn’t want to involve Ning Cheng, a rogue cultivator like him. Once he offended these two behemoths, he might not even get a chance to reincarnate.

Ning Cheng was about to speak when his eyes suddenly twitched as he saw Deacon Xia in the crowd. This fellow was like a ghost, chasing him to the Sea Dragon Sacred City.

As Ning Cheng looked at Deacon Xia, Deacon Xia’s gaze also locked onto Ning Cheng. However, he didn’t take action but stood in the crowd and watched the fun.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank; he knew Deacon Xia had recognised him.

If not for Mo’s matter, Ning Cheng would have already teleported out of this place. He could have escaped as long as he was one step faster than Deacon Xia. But now, getting involved in Mo’s matter had delayed him, causing that old fox to catch up.

Since Deacon Xia chased him here, he had decided not to let him leave Sea Dragon Sacred City. As such, Ning Cheng was sure that once the conflict between him and Silver Dragon Clan and Profound Aquatic Palace was over, Deacon Xia would immediately take the initiative to accuse him of something. That way, he could use the opportunity to take him away. Even if the conflict blew out of proportion, Deacon Xia would take action to whisk him away.

After hesitating momentarily, Ning Cheng sent a message to Ba Meng. Except for Sheng Houtian, only Ba Meng had the highest cultivation level among his better friends. But Sheng Houtian was already poisoned, and in Heaven Essence Sacred City, he wouldn’t be able to help him even if he asked for help.

Ba Meng lived in the Grand Essence Sea and might come over faster. Ba Meng was already a half-step Dao Essence cultivator back then, not because his cultivation accumulation wasn’t enough, but because his dao heart couldn’t be perfected because of his son, Ba Luo’s situation.

Fortunately, he had given Ba Meng a Six Yin Soul Pill in the netherworld, so Ba Luo should have already woken up by now.

With Ba Luo waking up, Ba Meng’s dao heart should have been perfected immediately, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to instantly reach Dao Confirmation’s Dao Essence Realm. After all, a place like the Dragon Washing Pond wasn’t available to everyone.

As long as Ba Meng reaches the Dao Essence Realm, along with his promise, he might actually be able to kill Deacon Xia. That’s why, in his message to Ba Meng, he asked him to come to Sea Dragon Sacred City only if he reached Dao Confirming’s Dao Essence Realm and not if he hadn’t.

If Ba Meng didn’t come, he would need to escape using the bead he had condensed by cutting off those foreign strands of spiritual consciousness. Unfortunately, if he did that, he wouldn’t be able to use the teleportation array and would have to rely on the Starry Sky Wheel to cross the Grand Essence Sea.

Seeing Ning Cheng not talking, everyone thought Ning Cheng was afraid.

“Elder Brother Chi, he’s just a rogue cultivator. Yet, he was arrogant before and didn’t even put the Sea Dragon Sacred City in his eyes.” Xiuqian also thought that Ning Cheng was afraid and said with a sneer in her tone.

When Gong Chi heard this and looked at Ning Cheng’s silent appearance, a cold, cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Since he was a rogue cultivator, then don’t blame him for being ungracious. Late-stage Dao Sculpting Realm, hehe, it was nothing but a joke in front of him.

He didn’t directly make a move against Ning Cheng but raised his hand to grab Mo. He wanted to crush Mo in front of everyone in the Sea Dragon Sacred City and then ask Ning Cheng where he got the guts to dare prance around in the Sea Dragon Sacred City.

As a Dao Raising Holy Emperor’s domain pressed down, Mo immediately felt its endless terrifying power. His body started trembling, while his legs kept shaking as if he would kneel down at any moment.

A moment later, a spirit essence-filled handprint, tinged with a bloody aura, suddenly appeared and fell from the sky vault, covering almost the entire street. The surrounding cultivators watching the fun immediately backed away at the sight of the handprint. No one dared to stand out and speak.

Ning Cheng had also noticed the bloody handprint right after he sent the message. He grunted and stepped forward, and the domain suppressing him and Mo shattered inch by inch like an eggshell.

Then, Ning Cheng blasted out with a punch. This punch nullified the spatial distance between him and Gong Chi and landed on Gong Chi’s chest instantly.

When Gong Chi had formed the handprint, he felt as if he standing at the top of a ten-thousand-foot waterfall, and everything under his feet was at the mercy of the waterfall. But in just a moment, the ten-thousand-foot waterfall suddenly rolled backwards, and the majestic and boundless momentum mixed with the violent spirit essence blasted back at his chest.

Gong Chi only heard the sounds of his bones breaking inch by inch, and then a bloody mist erupted from the pores and cracked skin, and he flew back uncontrollably. His body only stopped after it hit the doorway of a store, opening a gap in the store’s outer defensive formation.

His body bounced from the doorway and landed on the ground with a ‘flop’, convulsing wildly.

Ning Cheng’s punch contained the laws of his Grand Dao, so even if Gong Chi was a Dao Raising holy Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to recover quickly.

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