Chapter 1037

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Chapter 1037: Using Yin Yueshu

Ning Cheng knocked Gong Chi out with just a single punch. From what the crowd could see, it would take Gong Chi several months to heal from the injury. As for Xiuqian, who had called in Gong Chi for help, she was even more stunned. She guessed that Ning Cheng might have been concealing his cultivation, but she had pinned it at most at the late-stage Dao Raising Realm. But even if Ning Cheng was a late-stage Dao Raising cultivator, her Big Brother Gong Chi shouldn’t be weaker than him. Yet, Ning Cheng knocked him out in just one punch, something she found unbelievable. Was this something a late-stage Dao Raising cultivator could do?

Gong Chi’s body continued to tremble as he painfully took a pill and swallowed it while keeping a wary eye on Ning Cheng.

As for that woman from the Silver Dragon Clan, who had been watching the battle from the side, after seeing Ning Cheng knock off Gong Chi, she immediately threw out a message talisman in panic.

Ning Cheng felt relieved when he saw the Silver Dragon Clan’s woman, who had come with Gong Chi, throw out the message talisman. He had been merciful to Gong Chi; otherwise, he could easily kill Gong Chi with that punch.

It’s just that he had deliberately struck hard to force Gong Chi to call his clansmen over. Once the people from Silver Dragon Clan did come and Ba Meng did not, he could simply urge the Silver Dragon Clan to solve the problem. After all, he knew Silver Dragon Clan’s Gong Huayu, and as long as he took out his identity and called out Gong Huayu, he would most likely be treated as an honoured guest. No matter how daring Deacon Xia was, he wouldn’t dare to go against the Silver Dragon Clan to make trouble for him.

Since this could help Mo and help him avoid Deacon Xia, why not use it?

However, things didn’t necessarily go in the direction Ning Cheng expected. Despite keeping his sights on Xiuqian and Gong Chi, his attention remained on Deacon Xia.

Therefore, after knocking away Gong Chi with a punch, he immediately noticed Deacon Xia walking over towards him. He could even feel the fierce momentum directed at him.

Not good; this Deacon Xia decided to push as far as he could. Since this fellow decided to take action, he would use vicious methods, using Gong Chi as an excuse to help him out. This way, he would also curry favour with Gong Chi.

Ning Cheng secretly cursed himself for overlooking this issue. But just then, the woman with a veil on her face stepped forward, stared at Ning Cheng for a moment, and said in a deep voice, “Is your cultivation really at Dao Sculpting?”

Why would Ning Cheng care to answer this woman’s question? He pulled up Mo and said, “Hurry up and come with me, or we both will have a bad time.”

Ning Cheng had stepped up for Mo, but it also harmed Ning Cheng, causing him to feel guilty in his heart. Now that Ning Cheng wanted to pull him away, he naturally wouldn’t object.

Seeing Ning Cheng pulling away Mo, Deacon Xia quickened his pace and pushed the crowd around him to rush over.

Ning Cheng didn’t stop, pulled Mo into the nearest luxury rest inn, and said directly, “The best room.”

The attendant of the rest inn had seen Ning Cheng make a move against the Silver Dragon Clan’s Gong Chi. So how could he dare agree when Ning Cheng asked for the best room?

“I’m sorry, this dao friend, but our rest inn is completely full.” The attendant quickly replied.

“Then, how many spirit crystals for the most expensive room for a day?” Ning Cheng didn’t care. Instead, he asked about the price.

“9,000 high-grade spirit crystals.” The attendant automatically replied.

Ning Cheng threw a storage bag on the counter and said, “I’ll wait here. As long as there is an empty room, I’ll take it immediately.”

After saying that, Ning Cheng pulled Mo and walked to the guest waiting hall of the inn. Ning Cheng believed that even if Deacon Xia had guts, he wouldn’t dare to take action here. This inn had countless formations and restrictions, so someone would immediately hold Deacon Xia back if he dared to attack.

Those who can open such a luxurious inn in Sea Dragon Sacred City definitely wouldn’t be ordinary.

The attendant naturally understood what Ning Cheng intended. But even though he wanted to avoid disaster from befalling the inn, he could not drive Ning Cheng away. Ning Cheng dared to almost kill Gong Chi, so who knows what Ning Cheng would do to a small fellow like him? Therefore, at this time, he could only send a message to the higher-ups managing this inn.

Mo wasn’t good with words and didn’t have a scheming heart. Therefore, when Ning Cheng pulled him in and saw Ning Cheng sitting down, he stood next to Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng offended people for him; if something happened to Ning Cheng, he decided to fill it with his own life.

“Do you think that if you hide here, the people from the Silver Dragon Clan will not come looking for you? Or that if you hide here, they won’t dare to make a move?” The female cultivator with the veiled face followed in, stood opposite Ning Cheng, and asked calmly. Like most people, she thought Ning Cheng entered the inn to hide from the Silver Dragon Clan’s experts.

Ning Cheng smiled and said indifferently, “Maybe it’s to hide from them; maybe it’s for something else? Who can say for sure when it comes to such a situation?”

“I’m Yin Yueshu from the Profound Aquatic Palace. You should know that the girl you taught a lesson to just now is Zhu Xiuxian, my Junior Apprentice Sister.” The veiled woman spoke up with a cold tone.

Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness swept out and saw Deacon Xia, whose expression kept changing, standing outside the inn. He then unhurriedly took out a teacup, poured a cup of spiritual tea and handed it to Mo.

Mo shook his head, indicating that there was no need. Ning Cheng didn’t remain polite; he took a sip from the cup and placed it on the jade table before him. “Oh, my bad. You want to teach me a lesson in their steed, then?”

“This place is not very far from my Profound Aquatic Palace. So I wanted to invite this dao friend to visit my Profound Aquatic Palace.” Yin Yueshue stared at Ning Cheng and said.

She felt certain that Ning Cheng was only a Dao Sculpting cultivator at best. Yet a Dao Sculpting cultivator almost killed a middle-level Dao Raising Holy Emperor with a single punch. If someone had said that to her, she would never believe it. Therefore, if Ning Cheng did not agree, she would immediately take action. She had to rush to take away Ning Cheng before Silver Dragon Clan’s people came.

After she and Aunt Xuan attended the Alchemy Discourse, she warned her not to go back into seclusion. Instead, go out and cultivate like Junior Apprentice Sister Zhongmeng Yuxiu. She understood why Aunt Xuan said that to her only after she did that. She should have felt that she wasn’t very mature in dealing with the world, so she forced her to go out.

In fact, she also wanted to come out, but mainly to look for Ning Cheng. She had boasted that she would ensure that Ning Cheng worshipped at her feet and willingly worked for the Profound Aquatic Palace. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the chance to display her skills because, after the Alchemy Discourse, she never saw Ning Cheng again.

But after several years of experience, she also eventually realised her shortcomings. At least she no longer had the same arrogance as before; otherwise, she would never have even considered forming a friendship with the Silver Dragon Clan’s Gong Chi. Coupled with being born with superior intellect, she quickly formed her view of the people and things around her. Because of that, she also wanted to take Ning Cheng away before the Silver Dragon Clan’s people arrived. Ning Cheng was such a powerful Dao Sculpting rogue cultivator, which meant he had to have a powerful secret. Since he had a secret, she couldn’t let it fall into the hands of the Silver Dragon Clan.

Ning Cheng’s heart moved. It wasn’t a bad idea to go to the Profound Aquatic Palace. After all, he had acquaintances there. Plus, they still owed him a favour. It’s just that Deacon Xia was still outside, waiting for him. Once he came out to head to the Profound Aquatic Palace, Deacon Xia would immediately make his move.

“I can come to your Profound Aquatic Palace with you, but I have offended quite a few people. What would you do if someone tried to intercept us on the way to the teleportation array?” Ning Cheng replied after a moment. But simultaneously, he also noticed Deacon Xia walking in as if ready to act.

Yin Yueshe was slightly taken aback. She didn’t expect Ning Cheng to be easy to talk with. She was ready to use force, but Ning Cheng didn’t need her to force her hand. In fact, Ning Cheng agreed right after.

“Don’t worry, the Silver Dragon Clan will still give me this bit of face. I promise I won’t let them hurt you if you come with me.” Yin Yueshu said proudly.

After a few years of trials, she matured greatly in her approach to the world. However, that in-build pride of a genius still remained in her heart. Moreover, as an early-stage Dao Transformation cultivator from a major faction, she wasn’t afraid to face off against any late-stage Dao Transformation cultivator belonging to a no-name force.

What’s more, would the Silver Dragon Clan’s Dao Essence Holy Emperors dare to attack her, Yin Yueshue? None would dare unless they wanted to create an irreconcilable feud between the two factions.

“Mo, if you have nothing to do, you should come with me.” Ning Cheng turned his head and said to Mo. Mo was a martial cultivator without any backers. Therefore, once he left, Mo would be toyed to death by Gong Chi and that witch, Zhu Xiuqian.

“Okay.” Mo didn’t say anything else. He didn’t want to implicate Ning Cheng even further in his mess. But even though he didn’t speak much, he wasn’t stupid. It didn’t matter whether Ning Cheng got involved in his matter; once involved, it wouldn’t matter if it was only for a moment or till the end. Speaking about not being involved now would be meaningless and nonsense.

Ning Cheng walked to the counter, took back the 9,000 spirit crystals he had given to the assistant, and walked out of the inn with Mo following Yin Yueshu. Seeing Ning Cheng finally walking out, the attendant sighed in relief.

“Stop.” Just as Yin Yueshu and Ning Cheng walked out of the inn, they were stopped by a yellow-robed man.

Yin Yueshu’s eyes turned cold, “What’s the matter?”

She could tell that this yellow-robed man’s cultivation level was higher than hers, a Dao Essence expert. But why did it matter if he was a Dao Essence Holy Emperor? Would he dare to move against her, Yin Yueshu, in the Sea Dragon Sacred City?

“That person went too far, inflicting severe injuries to Silver Dragon Clan’s Dao Friend Gong Chi. I can’t pretend to not see it and must seek justice for Dao Friend Gong Chi.” Deacon Xia pointed at Ning Cheng and said in a hateful voice. He knew this excuse was far-fetched, but unfortunately, he simply couldn’t think of anything better.

Yin Yueshu gave a cold snort, “This matter started because of my Profound Aquatic Palace’s Zhu Xiuxian, so this matter will be resolved by my Profound Aquatic Palace.”

Deacon Xia’s expression turned gloomy. He never expected Yin Yueshu to be from the Profound Aquatic Palace, another of the ten major factions. What a blunder; he should have jumped ahead to stop Ning Cheng from seriously injuring Gong Chi.

“I received a life-saving favour from the Silver Dragon Clan in my early years, so I must ask this fairy from the Profound Aquatic Palace to forgive my actions. Once I repay this favour, I will personally hand him over to this fairy.” Deacon Xia took in a deep breath and clearly enunciated each word.

After finishing his words, he raised his hand to grab Ning Cheng. He knew that dragging things wouldn’t do him any good; taking away Ning Cheng as quickly as possible was the most practical thing to do.

Yin Yueshu didn’t expect this to happen after she assured Ning Cheng. If this wasn’t a coincidence, she would have thought she was being used. Only Ning Cheng knew that Yin Yueshe was really being used by him.

“Boom……” The Mountain and River Disc that Yin Yueshu brought out couldn’t even manifest a mountain or a river before it got blown away by the rainbow light that Deacon Xia had casually cast. In fact, the force was so mighty that even she was blown away, spewing out several mouthfuls of blood. Even the veil covering her face got blown off by the powerful surge of spirit essence, revealing her delicate and beautiful face.

Despite being proud of her strength, she couldn’t last even half a move in front of Deacon Xia.

Still tumbling through the air, Yin Yueshe immediately threw out a message talisman. It was no longer a matter of her pride. This bastard dared to make a move against her in Sea Dragon Sacred City, which meant he was a sworn enemy of her Profound Aquatic Palace. Moreover, this kind of person wasn’t something she, an early-stage Dao Transformation cultivator, could fight against.

Deacon Xia acted as if he didn’t see the message talisman and once again extended his hand to grab Ning Cheng. He wanted to take away Ning Cheng as fast as possible; once he waited for the Silver Dragon Clan and the Profound Aquatic Palace, escaping with his life would become impossible.

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