New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0040

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Before we proceed to the chapter, let me tell you all a story.

Once upon a time, there was a young man, not too old nor too young, somewhere in the mid 20’s. What he liked most was to play games, the one that people called as PC games. But alas because of his work, he was unable to go back to his old days, of playing non stop with his friends and yelling at each other during a special game-play which went by the name of ‘Multiplayer’.

He was invited many times into the immortal caves of many of his friends to play with them, as they did not have much work to do, and had even the option to work from their immortal caves. But alas because of the work that he had to do for his ‘Sect’ to earn some Ling Shis, he ended up declining the offers one after the another.

But it was not that he didn’t want to go, but rather he couldn’t. He wanted to save up some holidays, so that he could go back to his own immortal cave to once again resume his cultivation in the way of the games.

It was a long time since he had touched on the path of the games, and had even purchased a lot of different game cultivation manuals like ‘Fallout 4’, ‘Black Ops’, ‘Metal Gear’ by spending his hard earned Ling Shis. He was planning to go into at least a week of closed door cultivation so that at least he could master one of the cultivation manuals, and had even asked the patriarch of the sect to excuse him from his daily duties for a week.

He had even warned his own younger siblings to not disturb him as currently he was at a critical juncture of breaking through to the next level. And for insurance he had even bribed them with a few pieces of Ling Shis so that they would leave him in peace and also be on a lookout for anyone trying to disturb his cultivation.

He even put up many Array Formations in his immortal cave, like the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Formation, the ‘Door Closed’ Formation, etc. But what he didn’t expect was that at that very moment when he was at the absolute critical juncture of breaking through to the next ‘objective’ during the cultivation practice of the ‘Fallout 4’ manual, he would be violently shaken up by a mysterious yet powerful force that was like a ‘slap on the back of the head’.

When he turned around in fury to punish the person who interrupted his enlightenment, he was immediately stunned and paralyzed with fear. Words could not come out of his mouth, even his hands which just a moment ago were on the ‘keyboard’ type artifact, immediately went limp.

He never expected that this person would come and interrupt his enlightenment. But at the moment he could hardly complain at all, for the person in front of him was none other than the one he feared the most, his ‘Mother’. At that moment, she was glaring at him with a fierce intent to kill in her eyes, she did not speak till now, but when she spoke it was just like the thunder rumbling in the heavens, and the words were constantly reverberating in his mind “How many times do I have to tell you to go and bring the grocery bags from the car?”

He wanted to refute those words by saying that he could not hear what she said because he was in the middle of his enlightenment and was infinitely near to breaking into the next level in the ‘Fallout 4’ cultivation practice. But he just couldn’t get the words out of his mouth, that death glare from her, made him feel suffocated inside, even his very bones were shaking, it was the first time for him to see her this angry. Behind her, his younger siblings were maintaining a solemn expression on their faces, one would think on looking at them that they were just the reincarnation of angels, and thus could do no wrong.

But that mischievous glint in their eyes, could only be seen by him, it was then that he came to understand that it was his siblings who were responsible. He had paid them with precious Ling Shis to warn him of any dangers beforehand, but from the look in their eyes he could tell that it was all pre-planned by them.

He wanted to shout at them, point them out, but under the death glare from his mother, he could only silently bow his head and endure it. He vowed that he would have his revenge, no rather he must have his revenge, otherwise he would never be able to have even a single night of peace……..

Enjoyed the story, well its still a work in progress, meanwhile, enjoy the chapter from the “The Gate of Good Fortune” series:

  1. Chapter 0040 – Returning To Mingot City
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. For those of you who are dying to know what happened to the young man, please be patient, as a spoiler all I can say is that “Revenge is always sweet.”

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