Don’t belive him he’s fake….

Sorry about the previous post

That was actually my little sister, don’t worry about him, so now I am going to tell you something about myself aka DemonKiller.

I am actually a really lazy person who always like to eat sweets and lay around the house all day, I probably do the same in office too, just boss around others while sitting comfortably in my chair while snaking on biscuits, btw I really like choclate flavored biscuits. And I also like to bully my little brothers and sisters by promising to do something and then making a last minute excuse before going off somewhere.

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16 comments on “Don’t belive him he’s fake….

  1. DemonKiller says:

    Can you guys pls stop this and when did I ever bully you guys …….


  2. DemonKiller says:

    Well its your account …… ha ha ….. now I really want to see your face


  3. Bardioc says:

    DemonKiller obviously has a split personality…


  4. DemonKiller says:

    Hey you really are proving yourself to be a bully in front of everyone you know


  5. DemonKiller says:

    Don’t worry bro just get me that dress you promised me and I will make it all go away….


  6. DemonKiller says:

    Bro…… you know there’s …. um … a lot of stuff on your computer……..

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