New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0050

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Here is your second regular chapter of the week and also the last chapter of this year, as you know it’s the 31st of December here.

Enjoy the Chapter:

  1. Chapter 0050 – Medicinal Pills Are Hard to Get
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread and Edited By – CurlyAdi

Enjoy the chapter and wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. party hard but at the same time party safe people.

Also, I will be AWOL till Saturday, i.e. till the next scheduled release, as I am already on my way to Sunburn Festival here in Goa with my friends for our new year celebrations (currently posting this chapter from the airport), so I may not be able to respond to any mails or request till then. Hopefully I should be able to post a chapter by late Saturday if I am sober awake, otherwise I will definitely post it on Sunday for sure, btw the next chapter is almost half translated so hopefully I should be able to finish it by Saturday depending on circumstances.


New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0049

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So first things first, as requested by some of you, the glossary that I had neglected for the past month has finally been updated to the latest chapter along with their corresponding Pinyin.

Honestly it was really a headache to comb through the raws for the various stuffs in the series by just myself, my sister CurlyAdi just gave up after doing the first 10 chapters, so I ended up kidnapping enlisting the help of one of my friend who actually knows Chinese. Sadly he did not want to help us in translating, even when we tried to torture coerce him with goodies. He agreed to at least help out when we are really stuck up though, but it completely depends on his work schedule and mood. Sigh, just why is everyone so moody, must be because they cancelled their new year bonus.

So after sitting through a grueling 48 hr marathon of combing though the raws and correcting the translating and grammatical mistakes that slipped by, we were finally able to finish the most detailed glossary that I ever saw till now, a warning though, the glossary might also contains some minor spoilers relating to the future chapters (for the up to date readers) and some really major spoilers (for the new readers/the readers who like to binge read), so a request to all, please don’t spread it around.

If you do want to discuss the spoilers then rather than doing here, you can do it on the subreddit of /noveltranslations. Or you can even mail me personally, I will try to reply if have already read that part, if not I can at least point you guys to the right spoiler forums.

That said, enjoy the first regular chapter of the week:

  1. Chapter 0049 – Asking For The Moon
    Translated and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. I’ll try to keep the glossary updated as much as possible. See you guys on New Years Eve. Happy holidays, and take care of yourself and don’t go overboard with the crazy celebrations, although many of you have your holidays and like to enjoy a lot, after all its New Year, but still don’t drink and drive, this I am speaking from my own personal experience.

Edit: Mistakenly marked it as the 59th Chapter, corrected it.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0048

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So you might have known from the previous post, that I was ‘working’ with a friend of mine through the Christmas, so I wasn’t able to translate a chapter.

So when I came back a few hours ago, I actually found that my sister CurlyAdi, actually translated the chapter, which really surprised me, since she usually sticks to only editing and proofreading. Though it took me a while to check and correct it, but it still was a damn better job than me when I first started to translate.

So without further ado, enjoy the regular Saturday release, completing this weeks quota of regular chapters, no sponsored chapters though.

  1. Chapter 0048 – A Pair Of Pearl Hair Clips
    Translated By – CurlyAdi
    Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller

P.S. CurlyAdi stopped working on the glossary after going though 12 chapters as she has some other things to do, namely trying to burn a hole in my pocket by going shopping with her friends, I will take on from here and see how long can I last.

Lastly, I am now adopting a self made rule (after the chapter checks and glossary is updated) that once 10 chapters are completed, I will go back and once again go through the raws and those 10 translated chapters to see if I made a mistake in translating or there are some grammar errors that slipped by us or if we find a suitable and more fitting English Equivalent terms. This will continue till we at least recruit a Translation Checker (TLC). I’ll try my best to stick to the schedule in the mean time. Meanwhile, if any of you are interested in helping us out as a TLC then feel free to contact me through the comments or just drop me an email at

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0047

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Enjoy the early release of today’s regular release, as for why the early release, well I promised to help a friend of mine with his work so most probably I won’t be able to come back home for a day or two at least. Since I wanted to stick to my schedule, I ended up translating the chapter as soon as I woke up (also having a holiday from work is also a part of the reason).

  1. Chapter 0047 – Overlord Of A Region
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi and another Anonymous

P.S. I have been getting a few request for changing the names of the realms in the story and also add the raw characters (Pinyin) in the glossary.

CurlyAdi is already working on the glossary part, you might have already noticed a few Pinyin Characters added if you visited the Glossary Page, so I think that by tomorrow it should be fully updated.

As for the Naming Part, the raws for them are already being put in the glossary, you can go through them and suggest what would be the best English Equivalent for them.

I have already trolled through many forums and talked to a few other manual translators for the many of the terms here before deciding on them, but still if any of you people have a better alternative for it, I can still change them depending on the popularity and your opinion.

Also, once I get back, I am planning to go through all the previous chapters once again (raws and translated chapters) to see if I missed anything and correct any other grammar mistakes that might have slipped by us before. You can also help out if you wish to by pointing out the mistakes. As a result, the regular Saturday release might get pushed to Sunday.

Oh yes, last but not the least, wishing you all a Happy and Cheerful Christmas in advance, hope you all have lots of fun, and by fun I mean Eggnog (if you are of legal age, but is doesn’t hurt to sneak out a few cups ;p ).

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0046

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Had a really tiring work trip, and honestly, I did not think that I would be able to complete this chapter today. But somehow I did, really thanks to CurlyAdi(my sis) and a few other friends(they don’t want to add their names here, so lets just call them Anonymous 1, 2, 3…..) who pitched in to help with the editing and the terms.

Enjoy the first regular release of this week:

  1. Chapter 0046 – The Land Of Cultivation
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller and Anonymous 1
    Proofread and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Anonymous 2, 3, 4

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0045

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Finally somehow managed to finish this in time, and honestly, it took me around an hour to just upload this chapter, with no wifi or other internet cafe’s around, I could only use my mobile data, which was dead slow, kept breaking off every five minutes.

Anyways enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0045 – A Vicious Person
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread and Edited By – CurlyAdi