Pranks and spam messages…….

Hi all

The Real DemonKiller here……

Its been brought to my notice that, a lot of spam posts and messages have been posted from this blog today, I am terribly sorry for those, as I accidently left my computer on back at home, and as a result the little buggers (cousins) along with my sister and little brother are having a feild day with it, by touching things that shouldn’t be touched and posting things that shouldn’t be posted and…. you get the idea.

So, if any of you recieved any mails or posts regarding pranks, fake chapter releases, or any thing else for the matter, I apologize for them in advance. We are actually having a prank battle between us as I refused to take a leave off my work to take them somewhere. And now I am regretting keeping my computer on at home.

If you get any messages or post, kindly ignore it or better yet delete it right away. Being at work right now, I can’t help much as I can only access the blog through my mobile and thus have only limited access to the blogs settings.

Sorry for the inconvienience

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