New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 57

Sup Folks

The moment that most of you have been waiting for since the start of this series:

  1. Chapter 0057 – Battling Qi Condensation
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

This is the first guaranteed regular chapter of this week, i.e regular Monday release.

P.S. Sorry for the posting this chapter late, it was actually completed yesterday, but I ended up reading ahead and finally reached the 100 Chapter in raws, all I can tell you at this moment is that it finally starts to get exciting from here onward.

Also while reading the raws I finally came across the chapter where all the 9 Cultivation Realms in this series were briefly discussed (only in name), and honestly I don’t know if the author has a whacky sense of humor or I misinterpreted the words, but either way I might need a bit of help from our reader base to finalize the names of the cultivation realms (not having a TLC who knows the language is really a pain, and the one we do have cannot be reached at the moment, he probably is scared because we kidnapped him last time to update our glossary), so any help in this area will be really appreciated as I spent almost the entire night just on that particular chapter.

This might be considered a minor spoiler, so if you all can skip it if you like, as it has the names of the 9 Cultivation Realms, from 1 to 9, in this series:

  1. Qi Gathering Realm (聚气境)
  2. Qi Condensation Realm (凝真境)
  3. Building Yuan Realm (筑元境)
  4. Mysterious Liquid Realm (玄液境)
  5. Mysterious Dan Realm (玄丹境)
  6. Yuan Soul Realm (元魂境)
  7. Model Soul Realm (塑神境)
  8. King Sea Realm (辟海境)
  9. Transforming Cauldron Realm (化鼎境)

The first five realms are already know by you all (have already been discussed briefly or at least in name), but the last four realms, I have no clue and have only put the literal translation here.

So my request is, if any of have an alternate name or think that I translated them wrong (at least for the last 4 realms), then please point them out with a few suggestions, the help would really be appreciated and your name or screen name (your choice) would even be featured in the post and as well as the chapter page that would be dedicated to you (this is apart from the regular chapters, i.e you all get an extra chapter which would be dedicated to the person who proposed the names).