Some artwork and other photos that I found of this series…..

Sup Folks

So, I apologize for the previous post though, it was actually to satisfy the curiosity of my siblings that I posted it, but regardless I am leaving it as it is on the front page for a week to find out what you all do think about this project.

Putting those things aside, I wanted to share some other things things with you that I found regarding “The Gate of Good Fortune” series:

Now I don’t know if you people know about this but “The Gate Of Good Fortune” has its own game just like “I Shall Seal The Heavens” and is quite popular, although I haven’t played it myself (not knowing the language becomes a problem here as there are quite of lot of such awesome games), but my sister has, and honestly its pretty good. The official site for the game is here.

Also, as for the trailer of the game, you can view it here (The quality might not be up to it, as I uploaded it from my phone):

Wait there is more that just this, there is even a theme song for this series:

Now this wouldn’t be complete it I didn’t add a poster of the game now, would it:

The Gate of Good Fortune Game Poster

Also, my sister also supplied a a few more images that she found from the web, (the last two images are of the Author of the series kicking off the game inauguration a couple of years ago):

Also, one more pic to show you the moment Ning Cheng was reincarnated into the ancient world of cultivation:


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